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sequins galore.

As most of you know (seen in this post) I’ll be attending the 4th annual Vienna Awards for Fashion & Lifestyle on Monday. Last year I was in a serious “nothing to wear” predicament and my sister came to my rescue last-minute by letting me wear one of her dresses. This year, however, I was in a slightly different situation … too many options!! District 1 kindly offered to dress me for the night and I got to pick any dress I wanted. I always thought having nothing to wear would be a problem, but having 4 gorgeous options was just as difficult. On Thursday night I made one final trip to the 5th floor of the Steffl Department Store and, with my mom’s support, finalized my dress for Monday. It is a gorgeous sequin number by Faith Connexion and I think it fits the dress-code of “red carpet glamour” perfectly. Now I just have to decide on shoes, nail color, hair & make-up over the weekend. But that’s what being a girl is all about, right? :)

faith connexion sequin dress gold

  1. Anita says:

    wow, das kleid sieht toll aus! ich liebe ja pailletten, und in diesem gold schimmernden farbton gefallen sie mir wirklich sehr gut, das kleid sieht bestimmt toll aus!
    bin gespannt auf haare, makeup und schuhe – puh ich glaube die schuhe zu diesem kleid könnten mir als wahl wirklich schwer fallen ;-)

    xxx Anita

  2. Sara says:

    “But that’s what being a girl is all about, right? :)”

    I think you forgot to mention giggling, gossip, diets and pajama parties.

  3. Aylin says:


    Ich war vorgestern 1 Tag in Wien, eine wundervolle Stadt in der du lebst!

  4. Louisa says:

    Great dress, can t wait to see how you completed the look :-) Have fun at the Awards!!

  5. Tiffany Elam says:

    Love the sequins!!


  6. Tania says:

    Can’t wait to see how you style it! Have fun! xx


  7. Gabriela says:

    Tolles Kleid, aber da fehlen jetzt natärlich noch die passenden Accessoires und schicke Schuhe. Ich freue mich auf Bilder vom kompletten Outfit :p