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red velvet bliss

My best friend, Sophie, and I have been craving cupcakes all week. We decided today would be the day to play Martha Stewart and start the weekend out right. I usually stick to brownies or simple muffins but today felt more like a red-velvet-day. Red luscious little cakes, topped with fluffy cream cheese frosting and perfectly sweet and ripe raspberries. Mmhh… DELICIOUS!!
We found a superb recipe but altered the frosting just a tad. A little less confectioners’ sugar (more like 2.5 cups rather than 4), a spritz of lemon juice and silver-pearl sprinkles instead of pecans. We only used half the amount of everything the recipe called for since we only wanted to make 12 cupcakes. 2 dozen for the 2 of us would have really been a little over the top. I have to say, the process was surprisingly easy and we were completely finished within an hour.
I adore the combination of frosting and fruit so we opted for the raspberries on top. However, you could probably experiment with just about anything to go with these little pieces of heaven. What are your favorite cupcake decorations and toppings?
  1. Glam Girl says:

    OMG! That looks so yummy! Love your post!


  2. the red bungalow says:

    looks very yummy and the sprinkles are actually quite glam! Don't remember how I ran into your blog, but I'm glad I found it. :)

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  3. chicfille says:

    job well done. now i want a cupcake :)

  4. lamia says:

    yummy!!! those cupcakes look really delicious!!!