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random happiness.

I am well aware of the fact that my life may seem very superficial at times because of the things I choose to publish on this blog – when new clothes and nice restaurants are the center of attention we sometimes forget about the little things that make us the happiest. But to me, one of the most important things is to remind myself of how lucky I am and to treasure the small things that put a smile on my face on a gray and snowy Tuesday morning like today. I sometimes catch myself taking pictures of the most random things, but when I find those images on my laptop a few days later I know they are reminders of what made me happy in that exact moment ♥ Wishing all of you an incredibly happy day!!!

{fresh tulips on our dining table}

{a manicure with pretty details – dark brown nails & a stripe of golden glitter on my ring finger}

{chatting away with the family over delicious lattés on a freezing afternoon}

{wearing too many colorful bracelets}

{new additions to the Etsy shop thanks to my mom after teaching her how to make these}

{making delicious smoothies with the new blender Mike’s parents gave us – recipe coming later this week}


  1. Simone says:

    To treasure the small things…. if you are able to do that I think it’s the key to happiness.
    The picture with the colourful arm-party is my favourite!

  2. Anita says:

    a girl never can wear to many colorful bracelets!
    xxx Anita

  3. BlondeMuse says:

    that smoothy looks delicious, i love making them myself too so i’m looking forward to your recipe. And tulips are my favorite flowers! xo

  4. Kasia M says:

    These are so cute! :) hmmm coffee – I could use one like that right now ;)

  5. Bryony says:

    The tulips are lovely. Fresh flowers in the house always makes me feel happy :)
    Also (not in a creepy way) you are such an attractive family! It must be some good genes!

  6. marcella says:

    great pics :)

  7. Having fresh flowers in the house when outside is snowing and cold makes everything seem better! It just gives a bit of nature into the house and a feeling of spring! And Wiener coffee is the best!!! =D


  8. Lisa says:

    love the black/gold nail polish <3

  9. Nicole says:

    Looking forward to your recipe and the manicure is so beautiful!


  10. Leonie says:

    Could you make a tutorial of how to craft these bracelets? I love making bracelets for my friends I think it’s a great and very personal gift that reminds them of me every time they wear it. Much better than anything you can find in a store.


  11. So true, its always the small things that make us happy. Like lounging around in pjs with family or friends, taking walks…none of the superficial stuff we’re always talking about :)

  12. Anca says:

    This post also put a smile on my face. And no…its not superficial because ultimately you should never ignore anything that makes you happy so if its clothes or restaurants…we’re here being happy with you :) <3


  13. Carolin. says:

    A really nice & personal post :)
    Fashion blogs always tend to be superficial, like fashion does, too. So I think it is really important to forget about all these trends and must-haves sometimes to get back to one’s normal life, one’ family & friends and all the other aspects which make one smile.

  14. PS by Dila says:

    Great pictures, love the nails!


  15. Rosita says:

    What blender did you get? I’m looking for a good one for smoothies and mixing with cereals.
    Thanks, rosita

  16. Ise says:

    Those little things in life make me happy the most!

  17. You take beautiful pictures!


  18. Pari Coleini says:

    I’m in love with your blog. Came across your blog and it’s always nice to discover other fashion/lifestyle blogs.
    I’m a new follower. Check out my blog as well if you get the chance :)


  19. I think it’s always the small things that make one really happy!
    Your bracelets are so nice!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  20. Sweet post! Its the little things in life that matter… and sometimes we need posts like this to remind us of that fact :)

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