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Of course the “free worldwide shipping” from Asos hasn’t passed me by and so I decided to browse their website to pass sometime while laying in bed sick. I’ve been wanting a silky blouse with a bow around the neck for a while now and finally found the perfect one while browsing Emily’s blog yesterday (#5). Little did I know I would find it on Asos as well a few hours later… destiny, right? Also I decided to get a lace and mesh body, I can imagine it working perfectly with shorts and skirts for spring. Since I loooove my black feather earrings, I also decided to get some more feathery jewelry.

And lastly: I’ve been working on recreating this Tarina Tarantino headband for a while (actually since the summer but I keep forgetting about it). Mostly because up until now I didn’t have any cute skull buttons to put in the middle. Well I decided to buy these studs, clip off the back and use them for the center. Let’s hope it turns out like I’m imagining :)
I’m actually feeling a lot better today, thanks so much for all your sweet comments on the previous post!
XOX Vicky
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  1. Polly says:

    Yeees)It's crazy!But not now…i wait my last booking :((
    All choosing things're very style!

  2. The doll on fashion says:

    Great shirt, Im tempted by it too!

    The doll on fashion

  3. Anonymous says:

    Du kaufst auch nur oder wie sehe ich dass falsch? :O

  4. vicky h. says:


    sicher shoppe ich gerne, aber "nur kaufen" würde ich nicht wirklich sagen.
    Habe ehrlich gesagt seit 30. November 1x bei Zara bestellt (100€ gesamt) und jetzt einmal bei Asos … das sind 2 Bestellungen in 2 Monaten. und nicht, dass ich mich rechtfertigen muss, aber ich gehe ja schließlich auch neben dem Studium arbeiten, damit ich mir solche Dinge leisten kann.

  5. Closet Fashionista says:

    LOVE that top!! Sooo pretty!!! And nice! I can't wait to see how your DIY turns out! :D

  6. Yaima says:

    I hope you get better and dont let your DIY project beacuse im sure it will be great, besos from Cuba

  7. Andee Layne says:

    love that top!! i check asos daily! xo

  8. Becky says:

    Love the feather earrings!

  9. Kenya says:

    Cute top and earrings …Im loving the feather styles as well. Great pics.


  10. Celina says:

    Muss mal etwas zu deiner "Rechtfertigung" sagen:
    Das muss nicht sein. Wenn man arbeiten geht, dann kann man sein Geld ausgeben, wofür man möchte. Entweder Kleidung, Reisen,… oder man spart es, ist doch jedem selbst überlassen!

    Liebe Grüße, Celina von

  11. A La Mode et Plus! says:

    I can't wait to see how your headband turns out! I know it will be great. And don't let that negative anonymous comment bother you. This is your blog to do with what you like!!

  12. Twenty.Something says:

    Love the feather earrings! They're so detailed and feminine.



  13. Fashion Agony says:

    It's gonna be great!

    Check out my 100£ ASOS Gift Voucher GIVEAWAY!

  14. NerdGlasses says:

    Love your blog <3
    Following you!
    Follow me too?

  15. Meg says:

    Gorgeous blouse! & loving that onesy ;)


  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I don't like the shirt cause it seems a pijiama and it's so miu miu last season, however once worn maybe it's better!!cute earrings:-)
    bye Sandra

  17. Xann says:

    Looove the earrings!

  18. EC says:

    Die Bluse ist ja vielleicht süß ! Und gar nicht Pyjama-like ;-) Liebste Grüße.

  19. HC! says:

    love the feather earrings and the skull earrings!
    Haute Californian


    I love the headband.
    I think it's going to look great with the skull buttons!