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pink soirée.

I don’t host parties too often, but when we do have people over (like last Wednesday, to celebrate my birthday) I like to plan those gatherings thoroughly and pay special attention to details. Since my birthday is so close to Valentine’s Day hues of pink and red are ususally part of the fun. I thought you guys might enjoy a look at some pictures from the “pink soirée”, as Sonja called it so fittingly.

{pink tulips}

{name tags for all the wine glasses because with 20+ guests it becomes hard to keep track of everyone’s glasses}

{our horribly isolated windows came in handy to cool wine when the fridge was full}

{pre-portioned chocolate mousse are way less messy than a big bowl and it also looks cuter}

{round bar tables in our living room so people had a place to put down glasses & to gather around – made it more social}

{since I don’t have plates & silverware for 24 people I only made things that could be eaten from a napkin in a bite or 2}

{little details, such as food lables, add a special touch without much work}

{fresh fruit is always a favorite amongst guest, served with whipped cream for those that wanted it a little sweeter}


UPDATE: for those that asked about recipes and the name tags and so on :)

name tags: a little d.i.y. project. I simply printed all the names on white paper (the font is the same as the titles of my blog, but any pretty cursive would look good) and then glued those names to pink crafting paper, used a hole puncher to make the holes and tied them to the glasses with pink ribbon. Super easy :) You can see the process, captured via Instagram, HERE & HERE.

food lables: same d.i.y. as the name tags.

caterer: 24 wine glasses, 24 dessert glasses & 24 spoons were ordered via a party rental service. The round bar tables & white covers were from a different catering company where a friend knows someone and we were able to borrow them for 2 days.

food: I made everything myself the day of the party.

The recipe for the red velvet mini cakes can be found HERE, I just made smaller ones and didn’t do 2 layers of cake.

The chocolate mousse is a recipe from a friend. I will post it on my facebook page later this week.

Other than that I made pumpernickle bread with either a horseradish-spread and smoked salmon or a cream cheese with herbs and sliced cucumber.

The other snacks were sliced baguette with different austrian spreads (Bärlauch, Liptauer & Curry-Egg), topped with thin strips of cucumber, sliced tomato or salami.

Lastly I cut up fresh fruit and placed it on a tray with a bowl of whipped cream and toothpicks.

Everything was pretty easy to make and even easier to eat :) That was my main goal: no big messes and not a lot of plates or cutlery neccessary.

  1. Pasarela says:

    Looks perfect, hope you had a great party!!!

  2. frl.lara says:

    wow, das sieht so wunderhübsch aus! ich liebe es, wenn man sich so viele gedanken auch um die kleinen details, wie z.b. die (farblich abgestimmten) namensschilder an den weingläsern macht! wirklich toll :-)

    alles liebe nachträglich!

    xxx lara

  3. Sarah says:

    It looks absolutely perfect. I think for my next birthday party I have to pick up on some of your ideas :)

  4. Mia says:

    IT WAS AMAZING! :) <3

  5. happy belated birthday! :) oh my gosh that looks amazing! did you order those tiny glasses for the mousse and the tables from the caterer?
    seriously, your apartment, your dishes and your decorations look so pretty. How long have you guys been living in that apartment? I’m just wondering because it would take me a long while to make it look that nice and comfy. now i feel bad…I have to start redecorating as soon as I’m back in Germany!

    • vicky says:

      don’t feel bad :) It took us long enough to get everything decorated. We’ve been living here for 3,5 years. And still now I am getting new things to make the place look nicer. It is an ever evolving project :)

      XOX Vicky

    • vicky says:

      PS. jup, those glasses and tables were from caterers. makes it super easy to host parties without having to buy everything :)

  6. Bryony says:

    Now that is how you throw a party! It looks so sophisticated! The food looks amazing! Did you make it all yourself?

  7. Scrapbella says:

    I love your name tags. What a nice idea. I’ll be use this for my next party.

    Thanx. Scrapbella


  8. Sarah says:

    Wow, das sieht wirklich wunderschön aus! Ich musste wirklich lachen, als ich die Weinflaschen vor dem Fenster gesehen habe.. diesen 2. Kühlschrank haben wir auch immer genutzt, wenn der 1. schon voll war in unserer alten Wohnung. ;)

  9. Louisa says:

    You could be a professional party planner :-) Definitely some good ideas to copy for my next B-day party!

  10. Sandy says:

    Wow das sieht ja wahnsinnig toll aus :)

  11. Káča says:

    nice party, nice name tags – nice font – you wrote it yourself??


  12. Mrs. Vanity says:

    You made everything? great job! :)


  13. Regina says:

    ooooh, was für eine süße party. da wär ich auch gerne gewesen:-) ich finde es immer toll, wenn sich gastgeber bis ins kleinste detail gedanken über alles machen. dadurch wirkt alles viel persönlicher…und herzlichen glückwunsch nachträglich!

  14. Sieht wirklich sehr schön und einladend aus :)
    Vor allem die kleinen Häppchen begeistern mich!
    Alles Liebe,

  15. Sparkle says:

    WOW! Very organised and everything looks so well put together. I love the way how you focused on every single detail. Well done and thanks for some tips! ;-)

    Loadsa love Tabea xoxo

  16. lippylash says:

    Woow what a gorgeous party. You really went all out for it! Amazing!

  17. Oh, youre so adorable! Keep the work up!

    Probably the most personal Post I’ve ever written on my Blog “What is an Autoblogger”?

  18. Tania says:

    Wow! I was hoping you would post about this but didn’t expect it to be so beautiful! Love all of your little details! These are things I will definitely recreate! Love the idea of the bar tables, how original! xx


  19. Aleksandra says:

    Everything looks so beautiful

  20. MadameGreen says:

    total süß <3
    tolle essens ideen ;)



  21. Dagmar says:

    Ich bin begeistert :-) das coole ist ja,dass dieser Aufwand sooo viel Spaß macht(ist nomalerweise bei mir so). Es ist eine Freude diese Bilder anzusehen ;-)
    Liebste Grüße

  22. Miss Daisy says:

    Beautiful photos! Evething looks amazing!


  23. Tiffany Elam says:

    This is beautiful. I now have the urge to throw a dinner party. Hope it was amazing!


  24. Anna says:

    You had an amazing setup! I have never used caterers at home, but I see why they make sense.
    Love all the ideas I get for finger food, etc. Definitely saving this for future get-together inspirations!

  25. Aylin says:

    Sieht alles wundervoll aus! Alles gute nachträglich liebe Vicky!


  26. Sabrina says:

    unglaublich schön und du hast dir so viel Mühe gemacht! Toll :)


  27. Simone says:

    Du hast echt Talent und ein gutes Auge was Dekos angeht! Soooo schön!

  28. mona says:

    wow. perfection!

  29. Juli says:

    Es sieht soo lecker aus :-) Da hast du dir wirklich sehr viel Mühe gegeben und die Gäste wussten es doch hoffentlich auch zu schätzen.
    Hoffe du hattest eine menge Spaß
    Liebe Grüße!

  30. sassi says:

    Wow, das sieht so toll aus. ich war damals schon von der “alles in rot” party bei deiner tante total begeistert. aber das ist ja so perfekt. toll!
    könntest du noch dazuschreiben, wo zb. die namensschildchen her sind und mich würde interessierten, ob das hinten links am buffet törtchen mit sahne und heidelbeeren sind. könntest du die rezepte posten? lg, eine begeisterte sassi

    • vicky says:

      Ich hab gerade den Post etwas “ge-updated” inkl. Rezept für die kleinen Törtchen :)

      XOX Vicky

    • vicky says:

      PS. ja das ist so ein Sahne/Cream Cheese Topping bei den Törtchen und da ich diese goldenen Schoko-Coins nicht hatte hab ich Heidelbeeren verwendet :)

  31. Bouvet says:
  32. Kasia M says:

    The name tags for wine glasses are an excellent idea! People always mix these up! :D

  33. TA says:
  34. This party setting looks great! I love all the small labels on the glasses!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  35. so amazing. dream..

  36. wow, you did an amazing job. My gatherings among my friends are no where near as fancy or elegant!


  37. Miyan says:

    impressive! i love those round tables in your living room & your presentation of everything is super cute! great job and happy belated birthday!!!


  38. giuliafiore says:

    ich finde es unglaublich toll wieviel mühe du dir gegeben hast, man merkt einfach die liebe zum detail :) das sieht einfach perfekt aus!! :)

    lg julia

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