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perfect friday.

Last Friday was seriously one of the best days in a while. After 5 days of detoxing I had to give in when the boy suggested lunch at Dots (im Brunnerhof). They have uuuh-mazing sushi and I had been craving sushi like crazy, so how could I say no? :) Dots has 2 locations, one downtown which is very much of a “scene” place to be and be seen and the other location is in Vienna’s 19th district, much more quiet and relaxed. We had only been to the downtown one but tried the location in the 19th district for the first time on Friday and definitely loved it!!
After lunch I met Sophie for some coffee and a little shopping, went over to Sonja’s to take some outfit shots and then the 3 of us shared a bottle of wine and went clubbing at Palais Kinskywith my brother and his room mate! Such a fun night … Sonja and I came home around 6 as it was just starting to get light out :) However, my feet are still killing me from dancing all night!!

if you ever go to Dots, definitely try their Lyceé Bellinis … absolutely delishh!
my favorite: miso soup
bloody king crab roll, crunchy maki & crunchy ebi with spicy sauce
Mike’s beef tepanyaki
I am in love with the girl’s bathrooms … looove the little vanities and chairs!!

I was wearing:

Zara skirt, belt & jacket
Asos earrings & bag
Steve Madden wedges
XOX Vicky
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  1. Closet Fashionista says:

    Sounds like a pretty awesome day/night!! Yayyy for dancing all night, haha :D

  2. anna says:

    awesome pictures.. sushi looks so tasty!!


  3. Pancakes and pearls says:

    Amazing going out pictures! :)

  4. Julia Falci says:

    The girls bathroom is really cute.

  5. http://www.victorypug.com says:

    Mir ist erst viel später klar geworden, dass wir ja am Samstag gar keine Chnace hatten persönlich zu sprechen! Das müssen wir mal nachholen ;)
    Ich war letzte Woche Freitag im Kinsky und wir haben auch bis 05.00 Uhr getanzt, es war so gut!!
    Lief auch die meiste Zeit kultige 80s & 90s Musik?

  6. Mariel Torres says:

    the plate presentations are stunning! and you girls look stunning

  7. Sera says:

    oh gosh, that food looks so good! and as usual – love your outfits!

  8. Michelle says:

    that sushi looks amazing i love it


  9. vicky h. says:

    @victorypug: jaaa, voll schade, sind an ganz unterschiedlichen enden vom tisch gesessen :( aber beim nächsten mal auf jeden fall. ja bei uns warn auch so 80er und 90er beim ersten floor und dann weiter hinten beim 2. floor ziemlich gute house musik … also wir sind immer hin und her! aber war wirklich sehr nett dort!

  10. Pretty Vintage says:

    just my kind of day :)