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patara – my first (thai) cooking class

A while ago I was asked if I wanted to take part in a thai cooking class at Patara, probably Vienna’s best address when it comes to thai cuisine!! Of course the answer was a no brainer – Mike and I both LOVE thai food and we’ve tried making our own a few times, but never quite as successful as we had hoped. So I couldn’t wait to learn a few things from the pros, and was more than excited to attend my first cooking class this past Thursday!

The cooking class was held by the super sweet and friendly chef Khun Ann Chandnibha Suriyong who was flown in from Bangkok just for the cooking classes. First we got to explore the kitchen of the restaurant and learn a bit about the different stations, like “wok” and “soup”. I am still in awe at how spotless and clean everything was … I think I need to adjust my own standards a bit ;)

After checking out the kitchen we got right to work with our own menu. I love everything I learned about the spices and ingredients of the thai kitchen – now I know why our creations never tasted right …

The way the cooking class worked, was that Ann always demonstrated how the meal was cooked and explained all the ingredients and quantities necessary, and then we got to try and make it on our own. Learning by doing is definitely the best way to do it!

Our homemade menu (clockwise): spicy grilled beef salad with thai – baby – eggplant // tom yam thalee soup with scallops and prawns // senjan phad thai goong – rice noodles with grilled prawns & tofu // thai jasmin pudding with coconut-creme.

I also loved the overall athmosphere in the restaurant, it felt traditional, but still modern and very elegant. I can’t wait to bring Mike here and try some of their other meals for our next date-night ♥

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{traditional tea & amazingly yummy passion fruit bellinis}



  1. Meegaa says:

    I love thai food but I don´t like to cook, looks really delicious .

  2. my boyfriend and I celebrated our five year anniversary at patara with a delicious dinner.and not only the food was spectacular but also there wonderful and attentive service.

  3. Lena says:

    Das hört sich spitze an! Ich denke auch schon lange über einen Kochkurs nach, ich denke ich werde das bald mal in Angriff nehmen!
    Schönes Wochenende! :) ♥


  4. Alexa says:

    nice post ! your pictures are fabulous !
    i have been to patara many times, but i have to say that the patara in london is a lot better. its great that they flew in the chef from thailand ! thats amazing.


  5. Natalie says:
  6. Wow that sounds really cool!! Now I kinda want to try thai food…never did before =P

    Your dishes looked amazing!! I’m glad you had a good time!


  7. Elisa Zunder says:

    Das sieht wirklich fabelhaft aus…bekommt man gleich Appetit, wenn man sich die Fotos anschaut! :)

  8. Christin says:

    Das schaut sooooo toll aus! Ich liebe thailändische Küche – bei der nächsten Gelegenheit werde ich auch einen Kochkurs machen :)

  9. Nicole says:

    Das hört sich echt super an und die Fotos sehen super aus! Richtig lecker!