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Since you guys did a pretty good job with asking questions and I was kind of overwhelmed by all of them I decided to split it up into 3 seperate posts. So for the next 3 weeks on Monday’s I will be posting my answers. I translated all of the questions to English so all of you could understand. Happy reading :)
What do you study?
→ I study communications at the University of Vienna (graduating in June) and business as my second major at the Business School of Vienna.

What was it like moving to Laguna for a few years?
→ Simply said: AMAZING!! It was the most amazing time for my family and I made so many great friends. Not to mention the weather and the beach :)

What do you do to stay in shape? Do you have tips for losing weight? How do you stay fit, any exercise tips? (**I will do a detailed post on this soon!!)

→ I honestly am not an expert at all. I work out 5-6 times a week, alternating between the gym and running (5-6km). I try to eat healthy but at the same time I dont deprive myself of anything. You guys can also check out an example of my workouts HERE and HERE.

{hikes are a fun way to work out … Runyon Canyon in L.A.}

How long have you and your BF been together? How did you meet? Any wedding bells in the future?

→ we’ve been together for almost 5 years :) and we met at school … and around town! And no, definitely no wedding bells in the near future! We are super happy with the way things are right now and living together has been such a fun time. We are way too young to be thinking about marriage!!

Whats your favorite item of clothing?

→ ohh that’s a hard one. I try to only buy things I really, really love. At the moment I really am in love with my crochet vests and my high-rise shorts from H&M.

{my favorite shorts at the moment}

Do you plan on going back (to the United States) or are you happier in Austria?

→ if I could, I would move back tomorrow!! California was definitely one of the happiest times in my life. Obviously I am also very happy in Vienna and with my boyfriend but I am such a summer-person, and I love the positive attitude of the people in Southern California.

In which district of Vienna do you live?

→ the 9th. The best one in my opinion!! I love living here and have never felt unsafe or weird walking the streets. Of course the 1st district is beautiful but being a college student I think the 9th district is the perfect place to live.

 How did you meet your best friend and why is she your best friend?

→ I have a few friends that I consider to be my best friends. I think it’s different reasons for each of my friends because I value different things in them, so I cant really name a reason why :)

Would you want to meet your readers in Vienna? Maybe even with other bloggers from Vienna / Austria?

→ Sure, I would love to meet some of my readers :) I really can’t speak for any of the other bloggers but I know we always love getting together for breakfast or cocktails!!

How do you take your pictures? Does someone take them or do you have a tripod? Which camera do you use?

→ both :) If I can find someone (ie. boyfriend, sister, best friend, other bloggies) to take my picture I love that. If not I am left with my tripod :) I use a Canon rebel t2i (550D) with an 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens.

How tall are you?

→ 173cm or 5’8“

At what weight do you feel most comfortable?

→ I honestly feel bad even saying this but I don’t think I have ever felt 100% comfortable. Just like any girl I am never completely happy with my body. BUT I don’t have a problem with it either. Most comfortable is probably between 57 and 58kg … which I had in Feb. after being sick :) Anywhere around 60kg is usually fine tho.

{here I am in February when I weighed 57kg}

Where is your grey tank-top you’re wearing in this post from?

→ It was kindly sent to me by Marc Paul. The basic top is from American Appareland the print was done by Marc Paul.

5 countries you would like to visit but haven’t yet?

→ Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Sweden, Maledive Islands

Whats 5 fashion essentials for your style?

→ long, flowy tops – blazers – scarves – wrap bracelets (my newest love) – my long hair :)

What do you use for skincare?

→ My skin is super sensitive so I try to keep it to a minimum. I wash my face with water or bath & body works soap, use a Nivea make-up remover for around the eyes and a bodyshop moisturizer (for men haha) with maca roots for sensitive skin. For lips I swear by Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm!!

Do you have any favorite food blogs, since you like to cook/bake?

→ Yess :) I love Oh! Cupcakes & Delightful Bitefuls. Also, lots of my favorite blogs will post recipes now and then which I usually love!!

{Delightful Bitefuls}

What interests you more: music or art?

→ probably art in all forms. I love making things and being creative :) But I definitely couldn’t live without music!

Do you play sports? If so, which?

→ I don’t really do any sports. I love running and going to the gym.

{outdoor runs, hikes and beachwalks are my favorite workouts}

Tips for make-up in the summer?

→ especially in the summer I don’t like wearing too much make-up. I use MAC mineralize skinfinish as a light cover, some bronzer or blush and waterproof mascara. And like every other day I also apply lip balm with SPF 15. You can have a look at my daily make-up routine HERE. Instead of the Egyptian Wonder, which I dropped :( I now use a Too Faced bronzer (“snow bunny”).

If I didn’t answer your question this week, be sure to check back next Monday!!

  1. Marella says:

    Amazing post!

  2. Fashion Agony says:

    Great post, I've found so many newt hings about you!


  3. Becky says:

    Love these kinds of posts! Your photos of California make me want to go so much.

  4. Jammer says:

    YAY for long hair!!!

  5. Katherine says:

    hi vicky

    i have been a long time reader but first time commenter and i just wanted to say that i think you have a fantastic body and you are a great inspiration as you seem to have a healthy attitude to going out,food and exercise, but still manage to remain nice and slim, so you should feel comfortable with you body as you obviously work hard for it and the results show! i am looking forward to your tips :)


  6. Katherine says:

    ps love from australia!

  7. Closet Fashionista says:

    Loved learning all this about you! So much fun :D

  8. Miyan says:

    it was very fun to read! love finding out more about favorite bloggers :)



  9. Nissy B Unique says:

    Hi Vicky,

    Ich habe heute gerade deinen Blog entdeckt und finde ihn einfach klasse. Nicht zuletzt auch weil jede Menge über dein Leben in Kalifornien drin steht (voraussichtlich absolviere ich nächstes Jahr einen Sprachaufenthalt in LA). Ich freue mich schon auf deine nächsten Posts!

    xoxo, Nissy

  10. Kinsey Michaels says:

    ooh we have the exact same camera! i love my T2i and always admired the quality of your pics.

  11. Mary @Delightful Bitefuls says:

    Aw! <3 Here I am reading all about you and then BOOM… the sweetest shout over ever! Thank you :)

    I was just showing your blog to my hubby the other day :) There is a chance he will be doing training in Austria in the summer (or Germany) so my fingers are crossed for Austria so hopefully I can meet you!!!

    Mary xoxo

  12. Blicious says:

    cute blog!!! love your outfits!


  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow thanks for being honest about your weight and about the fact that its hard for girls to feel comfortable with themselves even when they're obviously in great shape (like you!).
    Alot of bloggers refuse to tell what they weigh because they seem to feel like its some kind of huge taboo secret or because they think that if they tell, they'll be encouraging their readers to become anorexics.
    Thank you for not taking that condescending approach! (For the record I weigh about 135 lbs!)

  14. M. says:

    Nice to know you better! I love how you added your hair as a fashion essentials…I love my long hair too! :-D

  15. Hilary says:

    thanks for letting us get to know you a little better! You've got great style and such a healthy outlook on life. Can't wait to read more!


  16. anja eddi says:

    I thank you very much to answer my two questions (18 and 19) and it is very nice to give out all this information about you :)

    kiss :*

  17. Helena from BrooklynBlonde says:

    loved reading this about you!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    hey vicky.. usually I do not comment on posts, but this time I have to: I love the way you describe yourself – you seem to be a honest, fragile, but also strong, positive character.. stay as you are!

  19. Sophie says:

    I loved this post Vicky :)! always love finding out more about you xx

  20. pat says:

    yay questions answered! thanks for translating them into english – i'll look forward to the next post!

  21. julia says:

    Nice to get to know you a bit :)

    I would greatly recommend to you visiting Sweden, it is such a nice place on earth. Last august/september my boyfriend and I travelled all over Sweden in my old VW-Bus, from Malmö in the south up to Kiruna and Abisko, where it actually was snowing :D Then we totally fell in love with Stockholm, a great city. People up there in Sweden are very kindly. Finally we made about 8000 kilometres in 4 weeks! It was an indescribable experience for us both. So this september we are heading Corsica, yay! You can follow my trip on my blog if you like :) And perhaps you will find a big Sweden-post there as well.

    Have a nice day!