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OOTD – caught in the rain.

Yesterday was super busy and I had lots of last minute things to do before leaving for spring break. While the morning was pretty nice and sunny, the afternoon turned out to be a total hiatus in terms of bright sunshine, rain, hail, storm … you name it, we had it :) And of course the second I left the hairdress with my nice blow-out it started pouring … just my luck! Anyways, I snapped these pictures after getting home and my shoes were absolutely soaked and got so dirty around the toes :(

Also, do you remember my d.i.y. necklace which I wore as a wrist chain, here? Well I made it a while back and also made another necklace and wore them together yesterday, do you like how they turned out?

{tried  some light pink lipstick … not so sure if I like it!! any opinions??}

Zara blouse

H&M jacket and shoes

Abercrombie & Fitch jeans

d.i.y. necklaces

  1. Laura says:

    I love the pink lips on you! Very flattering color with your skintone and hair. Also, this is a perfect running around town outfit.

  2. Monica says:

    Cute outfit. And I love that DIY necklace!

  3. Kimberley says:

    Love the necklace… the lipstick suits you well. What kind is it?

  4. Schokominza says:

    i love your jeans :-)

  5. Jasmin says:

    happy springbreak :-D

  6. Ena says:

    einfach toll :) dein blazer sieht so toll aus!

  7. Anonymous says:

    wow .. what haircolour is it ? I want so beautiful hairs too !!! ;) XOXO

  8. jenni says:

    deine haare sind einfach nur ein traum!

  9. La Petite Olga says:

    Your hair is so great! Having a hair envy moment right now :D

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  10. Closet Fashionista says:

    Love this outfit ! Poo on the rain though…its raining here now :(

  11. Francesca D'oro says:

    love your hair *______*
    i like the pink lipstick ;D


  12. Sabrina Says says:

    Your hair looks so beautiful! The layers really frame your face.

    I love the casual feel of this outfit and how you made it glam with accessories. Loving your blog!!

    Sabrina Says

  13. Carla McCarthy says:

    Your hair is just gorgeous! no words! :)

  14. Mariel Torres says:

    you hair looks amazing lady!

  15. Gawgus things... says:

    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! Jealous, moi?! xx

  16. June Avenue says:

    Hey Vicky, du siehst mal wieder toll aus – Kompliment! :)


  17. Charls says:

    Your hair looks so lovely here! I'm feeling rather jealous :P

    Also your diy necklaces look fab!


  18. SILVIA says:

    nice photos! in spring the weather is really crazy :)

  19. House of Popuiel says:

    The pink is soft and pretty on you. I also think you could pull of the bright lips trend,a bright coral would go great with your skin tone:)

  20. Andreia Santos says:

    Love the necklaces and the pink lipstick :)

  21. Johanna says:

    I love the pink lipstick!! You look gorgeous like always!!!

    I wish you would come to visit me when you are already in California!!
    That would be great!!:)

    I wish you amazing holidays!
    Love your Cousine!!

  22. Hilary says:

    cute outfit as always, and the pink lipstick looks great on you! It's bright and fresh for spring and California.

  23. Maja says:

    Deine Haare sind echt ein Traum! :)

  24. Carlota says:

    Loving the whole outfit!!

  25. Le garçon avec les lunettes, says:

    so cute shoes and jacket…


  26. Vanessa says:

    i love your pink lips :)

  27. buntewollsocke says:

    Der Lippenstift steht dir fantastisch. Verrätst du, welcher es war?! :)

  28. vicky h. says:

    @buntewollsocke: der lippenstift ist von P2 und heißt "place de la concorde" no.110 :)

    xox Vicky

  29. Zoe Gabrielle says:

    Aren't A&F jeans the best. I have searched from LEVIS, to MEK to random brands and I still think A&F are the best as far as "feeling like a pair of jeans".

    Zoe Gabrielle