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mind the gap…

Summer of 2008 was filled with lots of traveling for me. 3 friends from California visited Europe for about 5 weeks and we tried to fit in as many different countries as possible, without rushing too much. Right before the trip to Rome, mentioned here, we stayed in London for 3 days. My brother and another friend joined in on all the fun. Since trying to budget we decided to go with a hostel. I have to say, we could not have been happier with our pick.
After lots of research online we finally decided on Clink Hostel. Its an old court house and has a great flaire to it. The rooms are in the old prisoner cells and the internet lounge and movie room are in old court rooms. Very cool!

clink hostel

Located only 5 minutes from Kings Cross Station we were able to reach everything by metro or foot. If you go by metro, make sure you get a hold of an oyster card. We found it wasn’t all that cheap to use the metro, but definitely a great way to get around. And after all, a famous london-metro picture is a MUST.

kings cross station & blue sky in london
metro station
One of the things I loved the most during our stay was the free walking tour. Luckily our hostel was a meeting spot for the walking tours around London, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have heard about it. The concept behind it seems simple enough, none the less we were all very impressed. You meet at a certain spot, get divided up by languages (if there are enough of you they’ll even do a spanish or german group) and then you walk around London. Our tour lasted about 3 hours and we pretty much saw everything. The tour-guide was in his early twenties, history major and very passionate about everything he talked about. He also had funny stories to tell or songs to sing while we walked around. After the tour he asks for tips, reflecting how much you liked it and were happy with him. We were all students at the time, so we gave about 5 pounds each. I saw older couples or families give anything between 5 and 30 pounds. I have to say, it was the best 5 pounds spent the entire trip.
The free walking tours are also offered in other cities (my friends did one in Paris and really liked it as well) and you can find all the details here.
During our stay, we also had the chance to see a concert at the O2 Arena. If you have time and there is an artist of your interest in town you cant go wrong by getting tickets. The arena is the most impressive I have ever seen by far!!

London is an exciting place to visit and a sure must if you have an appreciation for worldly but unique cities.
No matter what your interests are, fashion, food, sightseeing, british accents,… you’ll find something to do in London and will leave with amazing new experiences and memories.