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meet freddy.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon being insanely lazy, reading magazines in bed and having way too much coffee. Mike (the boyfriend) was out and about for hours and my only company was Mr. Freddy. This wonderful little creature was a christmas gift from Mike’s mom and is actually filled with lavender. Freddy is supposed to go into the microwave and be something like a hot-water bag for tummy-aches and such. However, I simply can’t get myself to stuff him onto that little plate that turns while the microwaves makes the buzzing sound, probably because he is just too damn cute! Instead he just sits by our bed most of the time and pretends to be my friend. I know I am 21 and honestly, I was never much of a stuffed-animal girl but Freddy is different. He smells lovely and is so soft you wouldn’t believe it. Plus he likes reading the Vogue and is an awesome listener :) Anyhow, here are some silly pictures of our afternoon spent together.

Zara blouse
Abercromie jeans
Pandora bracelet
Six Accessories bow-ring

Follow bikinis and passports
P.S. I just wanted to thank you for all your comments and love! I have gained 12 new followers on bloglovin’ just in the last 3 days and am so soo happy. Bloglovin’ really is the way to go, to me its like reading the morning paper, I can have a look at all my favorite blogs all at once. Also just 2 days ago I reached 50 followers on google and now its 58…you are truely AMAZING and thank you for your support! I will be sure to have a fun giveaway as soon as I reach 100 to say thank you to all my readers!

XOX vicky

  1. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    You`re only 21??????? New information :)


  2. Fashion, Art and other fancies says:

    Teddy looks happy like spring sun on a gorgeous day. It's good for the soul to have a lazy day all by oneself and a teddy of course. How sweet and thoughtful of your Boyfriend's mother to give such a present. XX

  3. The Vogue Diaries says:

    Such a cute outfit!

    Do you have twitter?


  4. vicky h. says:

    I don't have twitter yet, but have been thinking about getting it forever! Will look into it tonight :)


  5. Olya says:

    I have Morris, who has the same dute as ur Freddy. very cute:)))

  6. Fashions Not A Luxury says:

    Love the Shirt & the ripped Jeans, cuttiie Ring :)

  7. letterstobetsy says:

    Whoa your 21 that is awesome. I think I have a similar ring in my collection. I love the shirt and jeans very relaxing for an afternoon of doing nothing. Freddy is pretty adorable as well :)
    Congrats on all of your followers..I am glad to be one of them!

  8. Nicole Jarecz says:

    very cute! i still have my old stuffed animal too!

  9. fashionvic(tim) says:

    i absolutely love your ring! it's very individual ;-)

  10. Ashley says:

    Love that ring! Very cute! Where'd you find it?


  11. vicky h. says:

    the ring is from six accessories…I got it around christmas time. haven't seen it around lately! thank you for your sweet comments!

  12. Alexa says:

    danke für den Kommentar erstmal :)
    sushi im Park hätte ich auch gerne.. gute Idee!
    und die Leute die sich immer negativ äußern müssen wir einfach ausblenden… gibt genug von uns Bloggern um Kontra zu geben.
    viel Spaß morgen!
    und wahnsinnig coole hose :)
    liebe Grüße

  13. unefillecommelesautres says:

    I had a buddy just like freddy once…and then i microwaved him one time too many and he started smelling like burnt whatever he's stuffed with…boo…don't do it…just keep him as he is :)

    love your shirt btw, really cute. And that little bow ring is absolutely adorable.

  14. Ahline says:

    omg love ur ring it's gorgeous


  15. Miyan says:

    the ring really is amazing, and the jeans are even more amazing! really loving your blog!!! you are so cute!!!

  16. Blue is in Fashion this Year says:

    Nice pics, Mr.Freddy is just too coute!!!


  17. ahlin says:

    oh totally love those lazy days :)

  18. KRISTIN says:

    so cute! Your bed looks so breezy and relaxing.
    I thought that you were older than 21 too! Not that 21 is much younger than me, haha, I'm only 23.

    xo! Kristin

  19. vicky h. says:

    :) you guys are too funny for thinking I was older, I actually usually get the 18-19ish, might just be on pictures that I look older.

    thank you for all your sweet comments! xox