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These past days have been insanely hectic and I know I have somehow managed to totally skip out on BikiniThursday this week :( I have also been neglecting comments along with everything else and I feel super bad about it. 
School is taking over my life, along with work and errands that need to be done but I currently have no time whatsoever to catch up on. I had my busiest week at school. (At least 3hrs of classes & working on several presentations, projects, homework,…) On top of everything I should be spending every free minute studying for my economics exam on Wednesday. So far I have made it to page 50 (of 250), not so successful. BUT enough with the whining and on to todays post :)
I was in the 1st district on Wednesday, shopping for my moms birthday gift and made a quick stop at the H&M collection store there. I have to say, it’s by far my favorite one to shop at. Not only is the store itself beautiful, but the displays are also lovely and you can find things there which are usually not carried in most other stores. To add a little BikiniThursday to a friday-post I included pictures of my favorite bathing-suit. I love the vibrant color and simple cut. Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Laura says:

    Nice post…I love H&M…

    barbielaura.com and bloglovin…

  2. Jammer says:

    wow your H&M is very glam lol. No worries – vent all you need! I know it can be very stressfull – good luck :)


  3. Fashions Not A Luxury says:

    :) I wish there was an H&M in Miami or online shopping. Cute good luck xoxo happy Friday

  4. Fashion Drift says:

    Your H&M is so nice compared to the one I have where I live!!!

    Hopefully you do good on your exam.


  5. Silvia says:

    I had been there!!!! I bought a very useful pink sunglasses :)

  6. Mariel Torres says:

    H&M is definitely my favorite store… LOVE it! i'll probably pay the a visit sometime next week, this post inspire me :)

  7. MsHark says:

    No worries, girl! Life comes first!! I love the bikini!

  8. Fashion Cappuccino says:

    It's such a cool-looking store! I really need to move where there's H & M!! Love your blog! xoxoxoxo

  9. kirstyb says:

    ah i love H&M xxx

  10. Ahline says:

    i wondering where do u live in europe?? i use to live in germany and ur pictures just remind me of it.

  11. vicky h. says:

    ahline: I go to school in Vienna, so thats where I have my apartment and spend most my time :) almost all blog pictures are from around Vienna, if not I usually mention it in the posts!

    now back to economics :( booo! I'll be back next wednesday with lots of good posts, I promise!

    xox & thank you for all your loveeee!

  12. Diana Mieczan says:

    I love H&M…We just got a new one in Budapest! I love it! Have a great weekend:)

  13. hunkate says:

    I have been to THIS H&M and bought my favorite purse ever there (and that's saying something since I have a bag problem!) which was unfortunately white material that could only take so many washings and was retired after a solid (practically every day!) 3 years. OH how i miss it! and LOVE H&M!