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like a little girl in a candy store…

…that’s exactly what I felt like when something amazing happened to me yesterday! A while back, even before having my own blog, I came across Alex’s HRH Collection blog via someones facebook. I immediately fell in love with her charming and bubbly personality in all her adorable videos. However, back then I didn’t have my own blog or bloglovin’ and wasn’t able to follow her. A couple of weeks ago I remembered the blog and wanted to find it again, sadly without any success since the name just wouldn’t pop into my head. THEN, yesterday Pixie Dust commented on my post and I went over to check out her blog. As I was scrolling through her posts an image caught my eye right away. It was Alex’s D.I.Y. cellphone cover (basically every girls dream, simply to die for !!) in all its pink, sparkly and frosting-covered glory! Alex is incredibly creative and makes the most amazing girly jewelry. Not only was I super smitten about finding my way back to her blog but I also went straight on to her Etsy-Store and placed an order. What did I get, you ask? The lovely bow-ring in tiffany-blue with hot pink crystals and the bisou bisou heart ring in a cotton-candy light-pink aligned with 2 different shades of pink crystals. I am seriously soo excited for these babies to arrive in the mail and slip them on my fingers!!
Even though I really need to be studying, I just wanted to share this lovely little experience with you since it totally made my day!! Happy Monday, loves!
P.S. here are some pictures of her work. Princess-Cellphone cover, Cupcake-Car-Keys, Frosting-Ring…..AHHH I love it all! So sooo girly!

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  1. Diana Mieczan says:

    How adorable are those bow rings! They look like candy, so cute :)
    Have a nice time studying :)

  2. Erika F ~Tiptoe~ says:

    i just found ur spot – and now i'm a follower! – what a CUTE space!!! .. i adore the ring on ur pinky-finger!!! .. love ur spot!

    huge Hugs
    (love for u to be a follwer and we can exchange buttons/blog rolls)

  3. Fashion Drift says:

    those bow rings are adorable.


  4. letterstobetsy says:

    oooo frosting! yumm! love the phone covers!

  5. DiamondsandTulle says:

    ummm… totally LOVING all her stuff! Great find and thanks for sharing Vicky! Headed over to her etsy shop now!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  6. Vicky says:

    aww they're extremely cute x)
    btw, I'm from vienna 2

  7. Sera says:

    so i totally love these!!

    happy monday! xoxo

  8. Mary says:

    Oh, these are so much fun!!!



  9. Jen says:

    I love them!!!

  10. Sjaar says:

    how sweet! If i were you i also wouldnt mind studying haha.

  11. Eda ♥ says:

    Ooo i love this post, I love anything girly, sparkly and pretty to look at! The mobile phone case in simply fabulous!

    Following you, please follow:


    Eda ♥

  12. ellinelle says:

    ..so true title because all the little thing really looks very eatable ; ))) so nice and colourfull colection ..

    Ellinelle xxx

  13. the20somethinggirl says:

    I wouldn't mind the little pink heart, I think it's adorable :)

  14. Janine says:

    Checking her Etsy out right now… I want to DIY a phone cover like that.

    PS You're adorable!

  15. buenooo says:

    ohhhh so sweet pics <3

  16. Cafe Fashionista says:

    Ah! Ohmigosh why did you introduce me to her? These pieces are FANTASTIC. I desperately need all of the rings now!! :)

  17. Mary says:

    Hey! When you DO come back to Vancouver tell me and I'll take you on a tour of this beeeautttiful city! I'm going to reply to your comment re: all the camera settings when I get home tonight so I am sure to give you all of the accurate information! So fun! xo

  18. Jen says:

    Love those rings! How fun! I'm kind of on a ring binge right now. I've bought 5 new fun ones just in the last few weeks! Hope it doesn't turn into an addiction ;-)

  19. Classic Style in City says:

    Oooh adorable rings :) thaks for share..

  20. Ring My Bell says:

    Ooooooooh I love a blinged phone! I have mine covered in black crystals :)