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Laren & Amsterdam.

While we are packing our bags right now to head back to Austria, I wanted to leave you with a few more impressions from the weekend. Due to the fact that we’ve been to the Netherlands and Amsterdam multiple times we didn’t really do any sightseeing since we’ve seen most of it already. However, we did spend our Saturday in the beautiful little town of Laren and Sunday in Amsterdam. Mostly just looking at all the shops and sitting down for late lunches and long coffee breaks with the family. So relaxing!!


  1. Annette says:

    beautiful pictures! looks like you've enjoyed your weekend!

  2. Aylin says:

    your photography is beautiful! Love the picture with you and your sister and brother!

    Xo, Aylin

  3. The doll on fashion says:

    Great photos – I'd love to visit Amsterdam!

    The doll on fashion

  4. Nicole says:

    Beautiful photos! Love the picture of your brother, your sister and you!

  5. Valentina says:

    I love all of your photos!!! :) They're beautiful!
    The Streets of Fashion

  6. Lizette says:

    I love Amsterdam such a lovely city. Your leopard top is gorgeous. Many kisses to you sweetie from Madrid-L.A.

  7. Spring says:

    Lustig, ich war am Wochenende auch in Amsterdam. Schade, dass wir uns nicht über den Weg gelaufen sind ;)

    LG Julia

  8. Mur-Mur says:

    I love Amsterdam ;)

  9. Piekfein says:

    in love with these pics!! they're so beautiful. you have a great eye for all these cute spots!!


  10. Neris / Fashion Fractions says:

    Great photos! Amsterdam is one of the prettiest cities I've ever visited :)
    p.s. you and your brother look so much alike :)


    Fashion Fractions

  11. Annika says:

    tolle bilder! :)

  12. Natasha says:

    I wish more people looked at Amsterdam & the Netherlands than for the obvious party reasons. It is such a beautiful city with some amazing food.


  13. Tulips & Tulle says:

    Looks like an amazing trip!


  14. Closet Fashionista says:

    It is sooo beautiful there!! :D

  15. Sandra says:
  16. Eda. says:

    Lovely photographs darling – I so want to go to Amsterdamn, just returned from Paris!

    Eda ♥

  17. Annelie says:

    Fabulous pictures :-)

  18. Charlotte says:

    These gorgeous photos make me want to go Amsterdam right now!

  19. bombova. says:

    beautiful photos. Check out and comment my new outfits : http://everglam.blogspot.com/

  20. Anja says:

    Tolle Bilder, ich finde die Niederlande total schön, irgendwie ist alles so "niedlich" & gemütlich da. <3


  21. Catherine. says:

    Wunderbare Bilder, Madame!

  22. April says:

    Gorgeous pictures!


  23. Miyan says:

    lovely impressions! looks like a wonderful trip all in all. your aunt's yard looks like something out of a movie & the family party looked fun!! im flying home from israel to dallas in a month and am stopping in amsterdam and can not wait to tour around a bit. your photos just gave me a taste :)



  24. Anonymous says:

    du bist meine absolute lieblingsbloggerin!
    bin vor einem jahr in wien gewesen und bereue ganz furchtbar deinen blog mit den tollen restauranttipps nicht vorher schon gekannt zu haben. aber das ist ein grund, für ein baldiges wiedersehen für mich und die schöne hauptstadt ;) du führst ein bezauberndes leben, weiß das ja zu schätzen ;)

    …grüße aus münchen

  25. Mary and Dyer says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! Love the look of the pink shop with the wooden table – too pretty!

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out the blog I just started with my sister and follow us back!

    Also, we are doing a giveaway right now for a Tiffany & Co. necklace. Check it out!



  26. Malas e Sapatitos says:
  27. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful Photo's !! I was was looking for those coke bottles everywhere and I live in Holland ! Where did you see that they sold them?

  28. Miss Cupcake says:

    Such amazing pics!!! You look gorgeous!!!

    XOXO, CC



  29. postBlue says:

    dein bruder ist ja direkt zum verlieben!

  30. MissExpensivePink says:

    Your photos are simply…WOW!!!!!!!!!!