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Juice Factory.

Some of you may have seen me twitter “There’s a new place in town & I am already obsessed” last Wednesday. Well, in that tweet I also promised a blogpost, and here it is :)

A few weeks ago, the Juice Factory opened their doors, and after having my neighbor and one of my co-workers rave on and on about it, I had to try it myself. I had high expectations, but they were met aaand exeeded! Seriously, they make the juices of fresh veggies and fruits right infront of your eyes, the place is done super cute, and the muffins are supposed to be out of this world! (I’ll be sure to try one during my next visit). So far I’ve tried the “Don Caprese” (my favorite up to date) and the “Iron Lady” which was also SUPER yumm! Plus, I’ve had sips of “Sunshing Daddy”, “Hunny Bunny” and “Sergeant Pepper” which were all amazing as well! But see for yourself:

{Schottengasse 4, 1010 Vienna}

  1. Sarah says:

    Reminds me of Denmark’s “Joe & The Juice” concept. Also loving their drinks/juices – if I just wouldn’t be so super allergic against almost all fruits and even some raw veggies :/

    Love that healthy snacks and drinks are on the run. Makes “snacking out” while running errands, shopping etc. so much easier.

    Love, S.

  2. Weird Vienna says:

    Oh, da waren wir gestern auch – echt super Laden! :)


  3. Maria says:

    Wow! Da muss ich auch mal hin! Sieht genial aus!

  4. Constanze says:

    Tolle Location! Der Auszug aus der Karte klingt sehr lecker.. ;)
    Schönen Sonntag

  5. Pernille says:

    das werde ich gleich morgen testen :D
    kling auf jeden Fall super!

  6. Mangoblüte says:

    Oh oh, schreit nach einem ideal Mittagssnack-Ort für mich! Danke für den Tipp!

  7. Natalie says:

    Looks so good. Very summery- typical it’s raining in the UK right now, craving a smoothie now!


  8. Lena says:

    Oh wie toll! Wollen die nicht auch nach Hamburg kommen? ;)


  9. lippylash says:

    Sounds like a really nice place!

  10. Alexa says:

    thanks for sharing this !!! This is so long overdue for vienna to have a juice bar ! am so excited. Usually the juices are already pre-pressed, but its great that they squeez and make them in front of you.
    Will definitely try soon…


  11. Elisa Zunder says:

    Das sieht lecker aus! :)

  12. Nuria says:

    Nice pictures!

  13. Stephi says:

    Die Juice Factory gehört der Schwester einer guten Freundin, hab also die Entstehung von Anfang an mitbekommen! Ist echt eine super Location geworden, bin sehr gern dort. Super, dass du die leckeren Juices auch bereits für dich entdeckt hast! :)

  14. That looks amazing!! I will definitely try it out next time I’m home in Vienna =D


  15. MtotheL says:

    Das Knzept ist nichts Neues, aber ich mag es auch sehr. Hier in Ulm heißt der Laden “Fruchtrausch”.