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island fever.

Even though I still have 2 more shows to share with you, I have a slightly different post for you today. I saw someone comment, that they miss my outfit posts. Well, it’s not exactly an outfit post but a little peak into my life right now :)
Yesterday morning Mike and I left for a german island called Sylt. After a tiny bit of drama (overslept by 45min., missed the car that was supposed to take us to the airport at 4:30am and had to hunt for a cab at 5:15am) we made it to our flight just in time and touched town on the little piece of heaven right here a few hours later. You know how sometimes things on pictures look incredibly gorgeous, but so different in real life, well thats definitely NOT the case. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the landscape is!!! Here is a peek for you :) Happy Sunday my loves!!

such a cute airport.
1st time flying with a propeller-driven airplane. 
view from our room, seriously so relaxing!!
lunch by the beach.
XOX Vicky
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  1. Elle Sees says:

    Looks like a delightful trip!

  2. Tucker says:

    Looks soooo gorgeous!

    & love the braid!

  3. Closet Fashionista says:

    Ooh wow! How amazing! :D :D

  4. EC says:

    Oh, ich bin neidisch ! Sylt ist toll, ich wünsch dir eine schöne erholsame Zeit dort :)

    Liebste Grüße, xx

  5. Debby says:

    You are SO lucky you get to travel!!!
    xoxo Debby

  6. Vicky K. says:

    tolle bilder! ich liebe strandkörbe! so cool!

    (new post: miu miu | Paloma leather messenger bag
    & follow me)

  7. Grace says:

    This place looks like near-paradise! I can't wait until my extended travel time in a year or so.

    Love Grace.

  8. Stephanie says:

    beautiful, Sylt is really, really beautiful :]


  9. Lorena says:

    That place looks so movie like.
    Awesome trip. Hope u had a lot of fun too.
    Btw, it's 4 hours to the island but from where did u departure??

  10. Michelle says:

    Oh wow, it looks stunning there! That plane looks awesome!

    Stop by my blog, I need help picking out a new camera!


  11. Anonymous says:

    heey :)

    du bist suuperhübsch <3 ich liebe deinen blog und deinen stil :D
    als was arbeitest du denn ? :)

    kisssssssses :-**

  12. vicky h. says:

    dankeschön :)
    ich hab das ganze letzte jahr als "waitress" in einem café/restaurant gearbeitet und neben bei als promogirl :) im sommer hab ich ein praktikum bei einer werbeagentur gemacht! und studieren natürlich auch noch … also immer busy :)

  13. We love the sweet life says:

    Looks so beautiful and peaceless!
    Enjoy your stay!


  14. lorenabr says:

    It's such a beautiful place. Miss is it a lot.

  15. DiamondsandTulle says:

    Wow! That beach looks beautiful! I love the pic you took of Mike – frame-worthy! And the smoked salmon sandwich – um can you please mail me one! You look fab as always – and I'm the worst offender of not taking outfit pics. Hope you have a fabulous time!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  16. Sarah V. says:

    Lovely pics!


  17. Nicole Lisa says:

    Enjoy your vacation! After a fast and fabulous fashion week that is probably just what is needed.
    Also those sandwiches look yummy!
    xoxo Nicole Lisa

  18. Lara - Elain says:

    Sylt ist so eine schöne Insel! Und genieß die leckeren Fischbrötchen :D

  19. Marcella says:

    Amazing location and views – looks like a fab vacation!

  20. Hilary says:

    how beautiful!! i want to visit Germany!


  21. Ana says:

    This looks like a relaxing place to be in. I really hope I'll get to travel to all kinds of beautiful places like this in the (not so distant) future.

  22. Sissi says:

    that beachcabs are soooo amazing!!!! must have been increadible!

  23. Anna Katrina says:

    gorgeous photos – looks like such a surreal time & yummy lunch :)


  24. Valou says:

    I love island I want come back in this beautiful country