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Every now and then I go through weird cleaning extravaganzas. I get the urge to throw out old things and make room for newer pieces. My closet gets cleaned-out about 2-3 times a year and my sister is always a happy recipient of anything I don’t want anymore. This time my dresser for jewelry & make-up was the object of cleaning. It was surprising how many old and expired products I came across. Now it is much easier to find my daily favorites and I am not wasting space for things I never actually touch. Here is a peek at my favorite products of the moment:

– Just last summer I started using lipstick and I can’t tell you how much it has grown on me. These 3 are definitely my most-used colors at the moment: Dior Addict Extreme 536 “lucky” – M.A.C. Amplified “Impassioned” – P2 112 “Rue Grimaldi”.

– I store my lipsticks in an empty Ladurée box. So pretty in light pink with silver details and the perfect size since my lipstick collection is still very reasonably sized.

– Since spring is just around the corner I recently started using my Benefit blush “Coralista” more again. It smells delish and is a gorgeous subtle shade of a peachy pink. The Dior lipgloss 452 “glow” is my go-to gloss on most days. I always carry it in my purse with me.

– 2 of my all-time classics are the gold caviar BB cream and Kiehl’s lip balm. I’ve been using both for a long time and am still super happy with the results. A fairly new addition is the P2 LashBomb mascara. I love how long it make my lashes and it is super affordable.

– Last but not least: nail polish. Out of all the things I threw out, dried up, clumpy & old nail polish was probably the biggest part of it. Now I have 2 pretty boxes filled with my favorites. For sunny days I am loving these 2 shades of pink. Dior 659 “lucky” and Chanel 535 “may”.


What are your go-to products?? Do you guys like to stick to the same products or does your routine change frequently?


PS. Bikinis & Passports turns 2 today ♥ ♥ ♥ THANK YOU guys for always stopping by and leaving such sweet comments! It really means SO much to me. I have a fun giveway coming up next week to celebrate 2 years of blogging. So stay tuned!

  1. Kasia M says:

    Those nail polishes are gorgeous! Love love love ;) I am becoming a big fan of lipsticks myself, I stole some of my mum’s and I am loving them! ;)

  2. Simone says:

    Same here! Every now and then I go through my make up box and throw out things I have not used for quite a while. Feels so good! But 3 things that always stay are the YSL Touche Eclat, Benefit Eye Bright and my Chanel Vitalumiere Powder.

    And a very happy 2nd blog- birthday!!

  3. Stefanie says:

    Die LippenstiftSammlung ist sehr schön :) Tolle tragbare Farben!
    Und ich gratulier dir herlich zu deinem Blog Jubiläum!
    Liebe Grüße,

  4. So pretty colors!! And Happy belated birthday and congratulations on your blog turning two!!! =D


  5. Sarah says:

    I have the same habits when it comes to cleaning: about twice a year I do a major wardrobe clean-up and I throw out a lot of things I am just not wearing anymore. Buy throwing out I mean: I give most of the things to my sister who is always happy to get some of my clothes. Last time I did the clean up she was in Copenhagen, visiting me and she was already joking back then about things she wants to have next time :)

    BTW: Ever since you posted pictures of the BB Caviar cream I am a huge fan as well. I was able to get it cheap on ebay and I also absolutely love it. When my current tube is empty I am thinking about trying the MAC BB cream for once but the BB Caviar cream will always be my back up!!!

    Love, S.

    PS: Love the “May” – currently wearing it and I just have to stare at my hands at leat once an hour because I just love the color.

  6. Káča says:

    Happy B-day to your blog – so close to your own birhtday – nice!

    I love your blog. I always waiting for your new posts on facebook :-)

    I like shades of your lipsticks – they fit to you well. I don´t use lipsticks – as they unfortunately don´t suit to my shape of lips :-(. Lucky you.

    I like also shades of both pink nail polishes and I would like to ask you if they hold better than other brands? I never bought so expenxive nail polish as don´t know if it is good investment.

    about my favourite cosmetic products – I use daily day wear plus cream – esteé lauder, bronzing pearls powder (now from oriflame), pink chanel blush and clinigue super balm shade 10 grapefruit


  7. cuteberry says:

    I really like these shades of pink. Especially the nail polish is adorable!!
    Where do you wear the MAC – Impassionate lipstick? I tried it on in the store a couple of times, but it always seemed a little bit “too much”. Now that I see you use it, I am debating it again. hmmmmm

  8. MtotheL says:

    Hey Vicky,
    wo bestellst Du die gold caviar BB cream? Mein all time favourite Produkt ist das “neue” bobbi brown blush in nude pink. zaubert eine unbeschreiblich natürliche Frische ins Gesicht.

    LG MtotheL

    • vicky says:

      Die BB Cream hab ich über eine Beauty-Shop auf Ebay bestellt. Einfach mal suchen “gold caviar bb cream” dann müsste es bei Ebay eh gleich hochkommen. Das war vor ca. einem Jahr und es ist immer noch die gleiche Tube. Hält also eeeeewig ;)

      XOX Vicky

      • MtotheL says:

        Hört sich toll an. Habe gerade bei ebay geschaut, ganz schön viele Anbieter aus dem asiatischen Raum und enorme Preisunterschiede, das macht mich immer stutzig. Hast du bei so einem Anbieter bestellt?

  9. Rashmi says:

    Its always fun to read your blog…cheers on completing two years n best wishes for the more to come…

  10. Eda ♥ says:

    Love the Chanel nail varnish darling, such a pretty colour – I usually stick to the same beauty routine unless I am going out dancing and for drinks – then I get more adventurous!

    I have the same cleaning disorder, do it about 4 times a year, love to go out and invest in new pieces.

    Happy birthday to the blog also darling

    Eda ♥


  11. Sandy says:

    Impassioned ist einfach der schönste pinke Lippenstift…
    Meine Routine ändert sich eigentlich ziemlich oft.

  12. Miss Daisy says:

    Love your nailpolish! Lovely colors!


  13. Anna says:

    Amazing collection. I, too like having a reasonably sized repertoire of things that I will eventually be able to use up. I don`t think I need 5 different shades of red lipstick when they either look identical or I only ever wear one specific color.
    I do have a basic selection (e.g. a red, a pink, a dark pink, a nude, some other various colors of lipstick) of my products and love them! I know what I have and know what I need.
    The Dior Lucky and Mac impassioned are colors I want to try out in store and see if I like them. Another thing I am craving is the Clarins Huile Lotus.
    Apart from that, I have two most used polishes, both by OPI “Bubble Bath” and “Big Apple Red”. I do have some more, but I also like to keep things organized and actually in use.

  14. Bouvet says:
  15. Andrea says:

    Tolle Sammlung. Ich hab mir auch kürzlich meinen ersten Lippenstift gekauft, den ich auch tatsächlich benutze. ;) Mittlerweile mag ich den auch recht gern. :)
    Lg, Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  16. Lisa says:

    Happy 2nd birthday!

  17. i go through these binge phases too, its so invigorating!!


  18. TA says:

    congrats on the blog bday! I hope my own blog hits hat mark! Love those nail polishes and lipsticks!


  19. Sabrina says:

    the dior nailpolish is such a great colour :) I definitely have to get it too. And I also start using the benefit blush too!


  20. Joanne says:

    Hi Vicky, I love the chanel nail polish. Have you try matching your nails to your lipstick? It’s pretty fun.

    xo Jo