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icy fun

Last week my friend Sophie and I tried ice-skating in front of the city-hall of Vienna. The setting is absolutely gorgeous in front of the historic city-hall, with the former imperial court theater right across the street.

the big ice-rink right in front of the city-hall

I hadn’t been in at least 5 years and we were both a little nervous about it. The way it is set up, there are 2 bigger ice-rinks with paths leading to them and going through a little park area. We were able to go on the paths in the beginning and hold on to the railing along the sides. Once we got more comfortable we even found the courage to go on the bigger rink directly in front of the city-hall.

sophie & I

The whole thing is set up very professionally. There is a big square in the center with the information, little stands for food and hot chocolate, benches to sit and rest and the rental offices. You get a ticket similar to a lift pass for skiing and are free to go in and out as you please. They have the entire surrounding area covered in wood, that way you don’t have to take off your skates. At the rental place you can try different pairs til you find one that fits just right (or at least as good as it gets, I really don’t think ice-skates can be comfortable).


stunningly lit city-hall

We went on a sunny wednesday, but next year I want to try going at night. The place is lit up lovely after the sun goes down and they have a radio station on site for all your favorite song requests. I can’t wait to go back and improve on my skills and maybe even incorporate some dance moves!



→ 9am – 2pm, 4,00€

→ 2pm – 11pm, 6,00€

Rental: 6,50€

Children (14 & younger)

→ 9am – 2pm, 4,00€

→ 2pm – 11pm, 4,50€

Rental: 4,00€

Family (2 Adults, 1 Child OR 1 Adult, 2 Children)


Last Minute

→ 10pm – 11pm, 3,50€

°° plus a 2,00€ deposite for key-card.

*Image via:

Stadt Wien

  1. Kitty says:

    wow, you really get around!

    I've been to Vienna once and only briefly. I would love to go again!

  2. mina says:

    This looks fantastic and I love that you've listed the prices/admission etc…