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ice skating.

Tonight, I had soo much fun with 2 lovely blogger-friends. We went ice skating and seriously had THE best time. I am quite the beginner in terms of moving gracefully on the ice but Sonja is pretty much a pro. She held our hand, showed us some tricks and by the end of the night Leni and I were having a blast trying different choreographies. We’re in the process of putting together a little video of how much fun we had, hopefully I’ll have that for you later this week. For now I have some outfit pictures and more fun ones of the 3 of us will follow soon.
 Benetton knit sweater/dress
H&M tights, gloves & knit socks
Zara jacket
knit scarf: hand-made by my mommy :)
XOX Vicky
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  1. Closet Fashionista says:

    Soo fun! I havent been skating in forever…haha

  2. Welcome to my jungle says:

    Ich muss unbedingt auch bald Schlittschuh laufen gehen. Hier in NYC gibt es so viele Plätze dafür! Schönes Outfit! ;-)

  3. A La Moda says:

    i haven't been ice skating in so long! looks like you had fun. :)

  4. Debby says:

    You look so pretty! Yeah, I suck at ice skating. I'm glad you had a good time. I love your tights
    xoxo Debby

  5. Ana says:

    This seems to have been a great night! I'm in the mood to go ice skating now! It's been so long since I last went though, that I don't know if I'd be able to even stand on them :)

  6. Michelle says:

    Lovvvve that coat its beautiful.


  7. Dylana Suarez says:

    Your jacket is gorgeous!



  8. Polly says:

    Ohh..i love ice-skating!)but i don't skating in this year(

  9. http://www.victorypug.com says:

    Was that yesterday?
    Brrrrr it must have been really cold in a skirt!
    Anyhow, you look great and I love your jacket :)

  10. lamia says:

    Loooooooooooooooooove your jacket!!! seem like you really had fun!!!

  11. Miyan says:

    looks so fun!!! i love ice skating, but i always have to hold on to the rail for the first 30 minuts while i get the hang of it..

    they don't have ice skating rinks in israel, such a shame!



  12. holly x says:

    looks like great fun, and also jealous of the stroh advert in the background! if only stroh existed in the UK!

  13. Marella says:

    Love the outfit!

  14. Kinsey Michaels says:

    you look so stylish on skates! can't wait to see the video!
    i have never actually been ice skating before but i hear it can be kind of hard! i have bad coordination too.

  15. A La Mode et Plus! says:

    you look stylish even on skates!

  16. Leni Lovely says:

    You look FAB, babe!
    OMG bitte jeden jeden jeden TAG wieder, ok? xo Leni

  17. Leah says:

    Gotta love a mom who can knit! Love your outfit, it's perfect for skating in the park!

    xo L

  18. Sophia. says:

    i really love your outfit, it looks perfect for iceskating. you have beautiful hair.