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hot pot.

Last night we went out to dinner with Anna and her boyfriend. We decided to try a new restaurant (Liounge) that serves hot pot. I love the fact that you basically cook your own food and everyone can decided what they want to cook in the hot soup. We had a spicy version for the boys and a more basic version with ginger for Anna and myself. My favorite things were the shrimp, spinach, mushrooms and sutchi catfish. Whenever the four of us get together there are lots of funny stories and laughing involved. And I’m still trying to figure out what exactly was in Mike’s tsingtao beer because he was on a roll last night :) We finished the lovely evening at Motto am Fluss with a few delicious cocktails and chocolate cake for the boys.

{Anna had her gorgeous Jumbo Flap with her – ooh how I love that bag}

{basil-lime lemonade & pear-lemonbalm-vodka}

  1. Amandine says:

    Looks realyyyy tasty. Need to find a restaurant like that in Berlin!

  2. Andrea says:

    Das Essen sieht sehr lecker aus und die Chanel ist sowieso ein Traum!! :)
    Lg, Andrea

  3. Bianca says:

    Wow, I want to go there too…. sadly we have only 4 days/3nights in Vienna and my “dinner-plan” is already made :(

  4. Anita says:

    wow, that looks great! I really should start to take notes of all these gorgeous restaurants you are writing about, for my next visit in vienna!
    and the bag of anna is wonderful, it definitely is one of my dream bags!

    xxx Anita

  5. Laura says:

    Ah A girl in my university halls made us all hotpot and it was so unbelievably good! You’ve just made me remember. Must. find. somwehere that does it!!

  6. Scrapbella says:

    It looks delicious. Nice pics. Greetings, Scrapbella

  7. Simone says:

    Looks delicious!
    Lovely pictures. :))

    //Simone – voresboble.dk

  8. Ise says:
  9. Nini says:

    Hey! Ich bin grad zufällig auf deinen Blog gestoßen und er gefällt mir sehr gut :) Das sieht alles ziemlich lecker aus…mhmmmm
    Mach doch bei meinem Giveawy mit, es gibt Travelsets für Berlin zu gewinnen:
    Alles liebe, Nini

  10. Amanda says:

    have you ever been the melting pot in the states? this place reminds me of it. the best part is dessert with the melted chocolate mhmmmmmm lol

  11. Olivia says:

    That place sounds amazing. I’m big on Pho and that place looks like it has a nice twist on the plain Pho restaurants. yu-um!

  12. Oh I love hot pot… I made it often in the winter.

    I’ve been longing for that Jumpo flap too!

  13. Simone says:

    Liounge ist wirklich unglaublich lecker!! Ich gehe echt gerne hin. Vorallem dass immer relativ viele Asiaten dort sind, finde ich, ist ein ein gutes Zeichen ;)


  14. mm yummy Die Essen sieht sehr lecker aus!
    Diese Tasche is einfach Perfekt! Gefällt mir sehr!

    xoxo ausMünchen
    La Vie Quotidienne

  15. I was there recently too and wrote about here:

    Definitely delicious and a little fun too:)