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As you guys are reading this post I am probably flying somewhere over Europe heading towards LAX. I am so excited for my summer in California to start and can’t wait to hug my best friend in a few hours

Even though I am super happy about my plans for the summer, these past few days have also made me realize just how much I adore Vienna and all the wonderful people I have met here. On Tuesday Victoria and her boyfriend had Mike and I, along with Sonja over for some dinner and wine on their rooftop terrace. It was such a fun, easy-going and relaxed evening! The view from up there is stunning and Mike is already on the hunt for a place just like theirs. Who knows, maybe he’ll have moved all my stuff by the time I get back from California :)

{my favorite bloggies that have turned into amazing friends!!}

{our beautiful hostess}

{what a view!!!!}

Tonight I have plans to go out for dinner with my bestie, Alex and her family to celebrate her sisters 21st birthday. Can’t wait and hopefully my jet-lag wont start acting up. Be sure to stay tuned for the next post, it’ll be a sunny one :)

Thank you, Victoria, for the group pictures of us girls.


  1. Polly says:

    wonderful photos!

  2. Eda ♥ says:

    Lovely photos darling, gosh I'm excited for you, have a wonderful time in the States!!

    Eda ♥

  3. Ms.S says:

    look so peaceful


  4. Piekfein says:

    yay! have fun in California!!

  5. La Petite Olga says:

    Wow wonderful pictures! Have a great time in LA!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  6. Laura says:

    Wow that view is spectacular! You girls all look so cute! Lovely skirt on you and adore the blazer on sonja!

  7. Neris says:

    Wonderful photos! Hope you have a safe flight and lots of fun at your friend's bday party! She's 21 so it should get crazy :)


    Fashion Fractions

  8. Closet Fashionista says:

    It's so pretty there!! :) I hope your flight went well and you're enjoying yourself! :)

  9. The doll on fashion says:

    Gorgeous skyline, looks a lot of fun!

    The doll on fashion

  10. CessOviedo says:

    Can't think of a better place for summer than California, at least form me it's been the greatest, loved your printed skirt as well as Sonja's, both lovely!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  11. cailen ascher says:

    what gorgeous photos. i can see why you fell in love with vienna!

    cute blog – i'm your newest follower

  12. Mariel Torres says:

    beautiful ladies! after these pictures and that view now i want a place just like that ;)


  13. Anonymous says:

    wow dein outfit steht dir soo gut und die haare :) du solltest sie öfter so mit viel volumen tragen ;))

  14. Gillian says:

    love your blog! i just got back home to LA from a year in Madrid, and the jet-lag is definitely easier coming back than going to Europe :)


  15. Kinsey Michaels says:

    what a gorgeous evening vicky! you're so lucky to have turned those bloggy friends into real life friends. hope your jetlag doesn't last too long!

  16. Manja says:

    wooow you all look so cute! beautiful…


  17. Miyan says:

    glad you made it to Cali safe; we can not wait to hear all about your summer adventures and your internship!

    ps- so weird but i tried that skirt on at h&M today!! but wished it had been longer so put it back….