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greek salad

After my graduation in 2007 some people from my class planned a trip to a greek island, Korfu. The island itself is absolutely beautiful but the trip turned out to be the opposite of what I had imagined. The hotel claimed to be all-inclusive and 3 stars but felt more like a 0.5 star shack with unidentifiable food, white wine that tasted like vinegar and horribly dark rooms. I could have ignored the rooms and food if the beach hadn’t resembeled a collection of huge rocks and sea urchins.
About 3 days into the trip we rented 4 vespas and spent our days exploring the island and the town of Korfu. I really loved the historic part of the town and we actually found a pretty decent beach on one of our adventures.
Hopefully I’ll be able to go back one day and make new memories in Korfu. I’m thinking the next trip will be more along the lines of a romantic get-away with my boyfriend at a place like the Kallisto Resorts. Peaceful hours by the amazing pool, breath-taking views of the ocean and private villas instead of gloomy hotel rooms.
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  1. kirstyb says:

    oh i miss the sun sea and sand xoxoxo

  2. Phuong says:

    Wow amazing pictures!

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