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going pink.

October is pink-ribbon-month with the aim to raise awareness for breast cancer. I’m not sure why, maybe because I am getting older or becoming more aware of my surroundings, but it seems cancer is becoming more present than ever. Especially breast cancer is far too common with women, and even girls in their teens can be affected.

When Hallhuber asked me to help out with their charity quest for October, I was of course more than happy to participate! The beautiful silk scarf that I am wearing in the outfit below will be available as of next Tuesday – October 16th – and for each sold scarf 20€ will go to Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. – a german non-profit organization to help prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer. I am already in love with the scarf (have worn it 3x this week alone) and the thought of donating to charity with such a cute accessory is definitely a lovely one!!

going pink 02

ZARA: knit sweater, skinny jeans & loafers

MANGO: t-shirt

HALLHUBER: charity scarf


{the illustrations were done by Naja Conrad-Hansen}

{my favorite illustration on the scarf – it reminds me of the LOVE sculpture in NYC}

**the scarf was gifted to me by Hallhuber

  1. I love your outfit…the scarf is very cute and definitely a great donation! Having had two aunts dying of lung cancer (in Vienna), it is a subject very close to my heart..I just feel it’s kind of bad that Breast Cancer seems to be the one getting the most attention when there are many other types of cancer just as bad..

    Loved this post!! Always good to see fellow bloggers writing about such topics =)


  2. Andrea says:

    very cute scarf & sweater!

  3. Natalie says:

    So beautiful and even lovelier when it’s for something charitable like cancer. Outfit looks gorgeous too; completely jealous of the pink sweater ♥


  4. Kelly says:

    Love your blog!! First time on it definitely not my last



  5. Lena says:

    Du siehst wunderschön aus! Und deine Haare sind ein Traum!

    Please check out my blog, it’d make my day!


    xxx Lena


  6. Natalie says:
  7. Sapir says:

    Love that scarf and it’s so cool that it’s part of such a great organization too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. claude says:

    your hair looks so much darker in these pics than usually!
    a beautiful piece for a good cause, perfect:)

    xx Claude

  9. Elle says:

    Sehr schönes Outfit – es wirkt durch den pinken Pullover so schön frisch und erweckt gute Laune :)
    Die Kette gefällt mir besonders gut.

    Wünsche noch ein schönes Wochenende!

    Liebe Grüße


  10. Nadja says:

    wow wirklich tolle Sache mit dem Schal! Für sowas gibt man dann gerne Geld aus, wenn man weiss, dass es einer guten Sache zukommt! Schön zu sehen, dass du bei der Aktion mitmachst!


  11. lippylash says:

    It really is surrounding us more and more.. I read 1/8 women will or have the disease. Pfff!! Good from you to bring some attention to it!

  12. Fianna says:

    I love your fluorescent pink jumper!! Fab! Great idea pairing it with that particular necklace. Might try wear mine with a light blue shirt inside.


  13. Dea says:

    What a nice idea with a great purpose! :-)

  14. Julie says:

    ich liebe dein outfit und den tollen blog!! gerade darauf gestoßen und definitiv gekommen, um zu bleiben ;) das mit der spendenaktion von hallhuber ist auch echt super! xo j.


  15. Nicholas says:

    Beautiful. Love the pink. You wear it very well.

  16. Prerna says:

    Very cute outfit:) great cause:)