Red Velvet

I’ll be honest with you guys, when it comes to Fashion Weeks, my outfits don’t look much different than they do most other days.

From Milano, with love…

M ilan in September is nothing short of beautiful –  even despite the massive amount of people in the city enjoying the last bits of the Italian Summer.

Is Stress A New Status Symbol?

When did it become cool to be stressed all the time? When did stress develop from something that we tried to avoid at all costs to something that defines success and status?

A New Season

September has brought along Fall sooner than expected. And my new site design has taken a bit longer than expected. As much as you can plan ahead, there are certain things you simply can’t rush –

check it out

In my head, September always belongs to Summer rather than Autumn. None-the-less, it is a month of transition. The days become shorter again and the nights cooler.

elegant pajamas

I am guessing that half the people who saw me wear this look a while ago probably thought I stumbled out of bed and forgot to take my pajamas off.

la mercerie

When it comes to the ultimate basics, there is not much that can compete with the classic combination of a white shirt and blue jeans.

Maid of Honor

It is not often that an outfit works out in the exact way you put together in your head. And with exact, I mean 100% exact.

unu, due, tre

Riding scooters has a very Italian vibe to me. In my head, I always have this image of hopping onto the back of a scooter to grab some gelato.

Ibiza Packing List.

Welcome to a new category here on Bikinis & Passports: The JETSET DIARIES. A place to share my inspiration and cravings for upcoming travels.