My Christmas Wishlist + Best Discount Codes

Four weeks until Christmas – say what? With most of my November filled with sunshine and warm Australian weather, I hasn’t really hit me that the holidays are coming up fast.

Hey Faye

A backpack has been on my personal wishlist all year. Originally, I wanted something that would fit my laptop for work and travels, but quickly came to realise that finding a backpack big enough for my Macbook was not an easy task.

the joon coat

I cannot believe it has already been 5 days since I arrived in Sydney late Sunday evening after 24 hours of traveling.

denim on denim

When I listen to the storm, that is currently raging over most of Austria, blow outside, it is hard to believe that just a week ago I was wearing a denim jacket and slides on a perfectly sunny Autumn day.


Known for it’s signature wildflower blooms, Erdem is the newest designer collaboration of H&M. And what a beautiful collection it is!

Flares & Denim

As much as I love evenings at home on the sofa (dress code: sweatpants), sometimes a girls night is just what is needed.

What’s My Scent?

When it comes to perfume, I am picky beyond means. I blame it on my super sensitive sense of smell. The problem is not that I simply don’t appreciate certain perfumes.

Red Velvet

I’ll be honest with you guys, when it comes to Fashion Weeks, my outfits don’t look much different than they do most other days.

From Milano, with love…

M ilan in September is nothing short of beautiful –  even despite the massive amount of people in the city enjoying the last bits of the Italian Summer.

Is Stress A New Status Symbol?

When did it become cool to be stressed all the time? When did stress develop from something that we tried to avoid at all costs to something that defines success and status?