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double up.

Whenever my family comes to visit, time seems to fly by. I can’t believe it is already Monday again. I wore this outfit yesterday when we went to the museum and then had some coffee before my parents headed back home. The people at the Museums Quarter probably thought I was crazy, having my picture taken by my dad at sub-zero temperatures without my coat on. Ohh the things I do for you guys :) But at least I was wearing multiple layers of shirts.

AMISU: pants (c/o New Yorker)

J.CREW: plaid shirt & denim shirt

LEVI’S: leather booties

ZARA: bag & scarf

BENETTON: down feather coat

STEPHAN & CO.: necklace

bracelets from my ETSY.


PS. I showed my mom how to make my wrap bracelets and she has been working away like a little power machine :) I’m wearing some of her creations and will photograph them soon and put them up on the Etsy shop, so stay tuned!!

  1. GawgusThings says:

    Good ole Mum! They never let you down do they?!

    Emma xx

  2. BlondeMuse says:

    Such an amazing idea to layer shirts, it looks so stylish and cool at the same time. Need to give it a try to with this cold weather.

    And your boots are so pretty, I didn’t know that Levi’s makes boots too. (OOppppppssss!)

    Happy monday, hope you’ll have an amazing week.


  3. Pasarela says:

    Great look!
    Love the layers!

  4. Lisa says:

    hach, es sieht immer so simpel, einfach und gleichzeitig locker aus, aber trotzdem sehr glamurös. einfach ein perfektes alltags outfit, wirklich wunderschön :)


  5. Tasja says:

    You look really pretty! I love all those bracelets :D

  6. Anita says:

    the outfit looks wonderful!
    I probably would have thought you are crazy ;-) I admire this cold-resistance, I didn’t have the courage to take photos outside yesterday !

    xxx Anita

  7. Stefanie says:

    Die Armbänder sehen alle so toll aus :) Super Mix!
    Alles Liebe,
    Stefanie take-the-biscuit.blogspot.com

  8. Ooh I LOVE those boots! And all your jewelry is amazing as always! :D

  9. Nicole says:

    Ich liebe dieses Outfit! Zwei Shirts übereinander zu ziehen ist echt eine tolle Idee!

    Lieben Gruss,

  10. Love the last picture! Great outfit! It happens to me too that people look at me as if I’m crazy when I take off my coat and start shooting photos.

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  11. CessOviedo says:

    Love hoe you layered the shirts! Great accessories too!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  12. You dad looks like quite the photographer!!


  13. Anna says:

    I never thought about wearing two shirts, but this looks so pretty! I will try this out, especially since it`s so freezing cold outside.

  14. Carolin. says:

    It is unbelievable how many bracelets you are wearing every day :D
    But it fits your style and i like it :)

  15. Anika says:

    Wow, you seem to really love that necklace and I can totally understand, it’s like the little cherry on top of every of your outfits. I really have to find a similar one, it’s gorgeous!

  16. Tiffany Elam says:

    I love the idea of wearing two button downs. Great outfit!!


  17. cherrybee says:

    i love your pictures like always so inspiring. and about the cold, just had the same problem yesterday ;-) I was freezing soooo much but great pictures though.

    lots of love



  18. claude says:

    seems that dads are the best photographers ;)


  19. Kristina says:

    Sieht toll aus!!

  20. Anca says:

    I love your bracelets!


  21. Lisa says:

    You’ve given me an idea of how to wear shirts in my closet that aren’t my favorite. Thanks!

  22. Katy says:

    Hi :D

    schaut mal wida hammer super aus :D echt

    kannst du uns zeigen wie du die armbänder auch selber machen kannst?


    • vicky says:

      Ich kann leider mit meiner Kamera so schlecht Videos machen weil es mit dem Fokus nicht immer so super klappt. Hab aber auf Youtube geschaut und da gibt es total viele Tutorials :) Einfach d.i.y. wrap bracelets oder how to make wrap bracelets eingeben!

      Viel Spaß damit!!

      XOX Vicky

  23. katy says:

    super dankeschön :)

    wo kaufst du die ganzen perlen u fäden in wien? oder bestellst du di?
    und das zum durchziehen – ist das ein ganz normaler faden?

    lg u ganz vielen dank


    ps dein blog ist der beste <3

  24. Marika says:

    amazing outfit!!1 lovely!!!
    visit my blog on http://laviecestchic.blogspot.com
    xoxo Marika