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dots twentyone.

Most of you that live in Vienna probably know the 2 Dots restaurants. One is on the Mariahilfer Straße (it is a little too “scene-y” for my taste – but the food tastes just as amazing!! see Julia’s post HERE) and one is in the 19th district with a nice courtyard (read about it in THIS post). Recently, however a new location by the 21er Haus (a museum) opened up – Dots21.

On Tuesday Mike took me to a surprise dinner there and it was amaze-balls!! He originally told me that we were going grocery shopping, so I didn’t even have my purse with me, let alone my camera. Hopefully you guys will still get a good impression of what it was like from the iPhone pictures. I liked that the new location feels more relaxed (they also serve breakfast there, which I definitely want to try soon) and I loved the large outdoor space! We had drinks and appetizers outdoors and then moved inside for the sushi since the weather turned a bit. The inside is pretty simple but has a glass wall connected to the museum which I thought was kind of super cool!! Have any of you been to the new Dots?

{the menu is a little different than at the other 2 restaurants, but still has lots to offer}

{the outdoor area with lots of plants, umbrellas, blankets, …}

{Mike started out with the scallops}

{I had the beef tartar as a starter}

{the house Rosé was delicous}

{I love how all of their tablewear is branded in such a subtle way}

{I had the asparagus – tuna maki, drizzled with truffle oil! so YUMM!!}

  1. Hanna says:

    Mmmh das sieht so lecker aus!! Ich liebe Sushi! Bei Dots war ich leider noch nie…das auf der Mariahilferstraße wirkt auf mich etwas zu abgehoben, dort würde ich mich nicht so recht wohl fühlen…aber das neue Lokal von Dots wirkt deinen Bildern nach sehr freundlich und einladend :)
    In der Innenstadt gehe ich am liebsten zu Soya, bist du dort auch ab und zu? :)

  2. Kirschblüte says:

    Hört sich so toll an und der Garten versprüht echt Urlaubsflair, hoffe ich schaffe es auch bald hin :)

  3. Laura says:

    looks so delicious! All made better by the outdoors space, I always feel like everything tastes a thousand times better eaten outside!

  4. I remember seeing the one in the Mariahilferstr. but thinking it was a bit too crowded for me…I didn’t know they opened a new one!!! =D Seems really nice!!


  5. elisa zunder says:

    Das sieht verdammt lecker aus!
    Yummie :)

    Also sollte man, wenn man in Wien ist einen Abstecher dahin machen?

  6. elisa zunder says:

    Das sieht verdammt lecker aus!
    Yummie :)

    Also sollte man, wenn man in Wien ist einen Abstecher dahin machen?

  7. Melina says:

    I haven’t been in dots21 yet but def gotta go soon, the food looks sooo delish :p I’m hungry now :D

  8. Pernille says:

    ich mag das auf der mariahilferstraße sehr gerne!
    auch wenn es etwas “abgehoben” wirkt, das essen ist einfach toll :)
    da muss ich das neue auch unbedingt probieren!


  9. Nicole says:

    Die Bilder sehen wirklich vielversprechend aus! Man bekommt richtig Hunger beim Anschauen der Bilder!

    Lieben Gruss,

  10. cocolabelle says:

    Looks absolutely delicious ! Thanks for sharing ! i am always mainly in the 1st district, but will try and check it out. LG.

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