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don’t let the sun go down on me.

It is funny how the simple things in life can make us so happy. Yesterday I spent the evening with Sonja and Katharina on our deck, just chatting away in the sunshine while sipping on a glass of wine. To deal with the heat I wore a sheer skirt (with built in shorts) and a simple shirt, however with 34°C there really isn’t anything you can wear that makes it less sweaty :) But I really am loving these summer days!!

ZARA: skirt & shirt

FOREVER XXI: necklace & bracelet

  1. Andrea says:

    Total schöne Bilder! Der Rock ist ja toll! Manchmal sind so gemütliche Mädelsabende genau was man braucht. Ich hab den Abend gestern genauso verbracht. Einfach ein perfekter Sommerabend! <3
    Lg, Andrea

  2. Alex says:

    Isn’t your skirt just awesome?
    Btw do you remember how long your gorgeous bow earcuffs needed to be shipped to you? I’m just so impatiently waiting for mine… ;)
    Oh and before I forget, I’m so jealous of the weather in Vienna… Germany really sucks right now!

    • vicky says:

      Hi Alex,

      I don’t really remember how long my ear cuff took to ship, but it didn’t take long at all. I would say probably a week or 10 days :)

      xox Vicky

  3. You all look amazing!! I love days like that…just sitting and talking while the sun goes down :D

  4. Lisa says:

    I can tell you’re going to miss your deck once the season changes. Happy Summer!

  5. Nicole says:

    what a lovely evening!

  6. Marisa says:

    That first photo of you is absolutely stunning, Vicky! You’re lucky to have such hot weather in Vienna. Vancouver still seems to think it’s April and there’s been a lot of rain and temperatures that are only in the teens :(


  7. Diese Kette!!! Ein Traum :)
    Und ihr seid alle 3 fesche Mädels – Wahnsinn!

  8. Melina says:

    Gott, deine Terasse ist einfach der Hammer Vicky!!!!!! Traumbilder <3

  9. Rachel says:

    I love your blog!!!!!! It is so eye catching and fun to read!!!