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dinner at shanghai tan.

Last night, Mike and I had dinner at Shanghai Tan againand this time we sat in the lower lever of the restaurant where you can eat while lounging in really cozy booths!! Loved the whole atmosphere! I also took some pictures of my outfit after, so I’ll share better pictures of that with you tomorrow!

{favorite appetizer EVER: crunchy sushi sandwiches with salmon!! and I forgot what the other thing is :( bad blogger!!}
{Mike’s dinner: king prawns with asparagus in soy-chili sauce}
{my dinner: spyder roll}

{looove the asian decor … even the bathroom vanity is gorgeous!!}
{mirror, mirror on the wall …}
{little preview of what I wore, more pictures coming tomorrow}

 Tonight Mike and I are making burgers, just bought so many fresh ingredients, can’t wait!!

  1. Becky says:

    This place looks amazing, it reminds me a bit of Buddakan in New York. The sushi looks delicious.

  2. mr. pineapple man says:

    everything looks so delicious! and love ur outfit!

  3. Closet Fashionista says:

    That place looks so fun! And I love your outfit :D

  4. Holeh says:

    mmm that sushi looks so good! and what a cute and cozy restaurant. can't wait to see the details of your outfit tomorrow!
    xo, holeh


  5. Polly says:


  6. AKB says:

    Wow! That's one super cool bathroom! XO

  7. maphi says:

    those looks so yummy loooool it made me want to have some :) xoxo

  8. sugarhoneybaby says:

    place looks amazing.great photos:)

  9. lauren says:

    Love your outfit!

    xoxo Lauren

  10. Mariel Torres says:

    isn't that the coziest little place! i LOVE it

  11. Miss Vodka says:

    This looks awesome!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I don't know why you bloggers take always picture of the bathrooms…pretty disgusting!!!however cute outfit!

  13. ella says:

    Where is this place?

  14. Lisa says:

    is that real fur? if so, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  15. vicky h. says:

    @Lisa: no it is not … but I'm glad you're assuming the worst! if you would've looked one post up, where I posted the outfit of this night, you would have seen that it is a FAUX fur vest from Zara.

    xox Vicky

  16. “Any problems?” Chaise asked.


  1. […] go opening at two locations in Vienna. It is part of the Ra’mien group, just like Shanghai Tan (a restaurant I absolutely LOVE) and serves delicious thai/asian food in big portions! So on Monday […]