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detox day 2: outfit, food, gym & wrapbracelets.

Through the comments about the last post I got the impression that you guys are interested in the detox I am doing so I am sharing my meals for day 2 (yesterday), my workout routine, today’s outfit and a few pictures of my d.i.y. wrapbracelets. I know some of you had asked for instructions of the bracelets and headband I recently made. It’s hard to share a “how to” since the items are already finished and I can’t go back to show pictures of the process but I’ll try and draw up a little “how to” for the bracelets when I get the chance :) So here is my day in pictures:

After being way too cold yesterday, I wanted to be on the safe side today :) I am in love with my new blouse from Zara and I know I just recently wore it, but it’s so comfy and pretty I just had to get it out again today!!
Cheap Monday black skinny jeans
Zara blouse
Scarf – gifted
UGG boots (tall / color: sand)
Nordstrom feather earrings
I like adding tiger nut flakes (german: Erdmandel Flocken) to my smoothie, they are a natural source of sweetness and super filling! They are kind of hard to find, so you might have to go to an organic store (Reformhaus). Maybe Farmer’s Market or Whole Foods might have them.
If you guys are ever interested in any of the recipes, feel free to email me. I mostly make them up as I go so I don’t have any links or books I could recommend but I’d be happy to write you an email with instructions.
I try to go to the gym every other day and since the weather is getting better, I am now trying to squeez in outdoor runs on my non-gym days :) Here is my current workout at the gym:
50 minutes cardio – treadmill 
(25 min. uphill – 12% at 6km/h & then 20 min. running between 8.5 – 10km)
weights for the arms
(3 different exercises, 3 sets each – 20 reps)
leg press
(3 sets – 20 reps)
(9 sets – 20 reps, including side crunches & leg lifts)
With this workout I’m usually in and out of the gym in 1.5hrs, so definitely not too time consuming! I think it’s important to really push yourself on all these exercised, don’t go for the easiest weights or less incline, since if I’m already at the gym, I might as well make the best of it!! Also, I think that in order for it to be effective, it has to hurt! (However, I’m no expert so this is just my personal workout and my opinion of what works best)
Lastly, there are my wrapbracelets :) I totally love them and can’t wait to make more. The purple was my first, thats why one end is a little messy. I know it might not be everyone’s taste but I love the yellow with the black since it totally goes with my Michael Kors watch :)
Pheww, long post … hope you enjoyed the little update!
XOX Vicky
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  1. Nicole Lisa says:

    Oh thank you for the detox "meal plan" it looks delicious which is making me want to jump on the bandwagon.
    (Although I may have to wait until after exams, sigh).
    You are seriously a gym rat, in a good way!
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  2. Megan says:

    im doing a 2 week eat healthy regime, so i love seeing recipes and pictures of food of people that are eating good as well!

    love those bracelets btw! have a great day!

    <3 megan

  3. Fashion Agony says:

    I guess it's time for me to start working out too, I've been a lazy bone for the whole winter :)
    Those bracelets are fantastic, is there any chance you could do a DIY post about how to make them?


  4. Laura says:

    Again, this food all looks so delicious! I would drink that smoothie every morning if I could!

    Absolutely love your blouse!

    Nice gym workout! You are beast to be able to do the treadmill for 50 min. I run for 25 minutes, 4 times a week and that is pushing it for me.

  5. Closet Fashionista says:

    Love the outfit! And your meals look soooo good!!! XD

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love reading about the healthy food you cook and your exercise routines. It inspires and motivates me and I'm sure others too.
    Also, I love the fact that you don't hide that you need to work hard to have a healthy slim figure and a nice complexion – girls need to know this!
    Finally, you have amazing style! Thank you for being such a good blogger! :)

  7. Kinsey Michaels says:

    your smoothie looks so so good!!!! i've never been the best at eating healthy but i'm inspired by what you're doing!

  8. mylittlebrownbag says:

    You should do more posts like this! I love the bracelets I'm about to start making my own but I picked out turquoise beads (my favorite color).


  9. Melanie's Randomness says:

    How interesting!! I really need to do a detox! I love smoothies so this might work for me too! I like the bracelets too! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  10. Mary says:

    Good job sticking to your cleanse – your body thanks you :) LOVE your jewelry!! You're so talented, lady!!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  11. Michelle says:

    love this post, its inspiring me to go work out right now! next time you make those bracelets could you make a post about it? i'm really interested in making one. and is that a stretchy string you use? thanks! with love from canada!

  12. Miss Vodka says:

    The meals look great!

  13. Ana says:

    Well this has got to be one of my favourite posts of yours! I couldn't even say what my favourite part was, I loved everything about it! Where do you get the time to do all these things?! school, blog, cooking, gym, crafts, friends….I'm still just working on finding the time to blog regularly while going to school.

  14. suzannemelesh says:

    can you make a tutorial for the bracelets?
    they look AMAZING, and i especially love the black one.
    your outfit is sooo cute.
    i'm starting to go to the gym today, oh boy. -__- hahaa

  15. Rebecca says:

    your healthy lifestyle is so inspiring!
    the food looks great and I'm trying to go to the gym more often too! :)


  16. marcella says:

    that's what life should be about, … good and healthy food, gym, fashion, all in one :) and lot's of love :P

    I love it all


  17. Mallory says:

    What yummy food options!! Great detox!!

  18. milili says:

    I got inspire by your diy post on those Bracelets and did my self already some so maybe I picture it and send you the end result..and your DETOX plan is good, I'm Nutritionist my self and you really made a good job and yummy recipes!!


    Wow I'm really inspired by your food, it looks so tastefull.
    The bracelets are really cute.


  20. Thekla says:
  21. MerciBlahBlah says:

    I would love to see the recipes for your detox diet – they all look yummy! Feel free to e-mail me at:

    merciblahblah at gmail dot com

    Thanks so much!

  22. Marianna says:

    What's your height and how much do you weight? I think that you figure is amazing!!

  23. La Petite Olga says:

    Dank dem Post werde ich wieder daran erinnert gesünder zu essen :) und wieder mehr Sport zu machen. Danke ;)

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  24. Signorina Christina says:

    I love detoxing!!but no time for gym :/
    Good for you that you can have outdoor workouts too!!!! :D:D


  25. Mariel Torres says:

    all that looks delish! btw, I Love the high ponytail look on you darling.

  26. Charls says:

    Those bracelets look lovely! :}

  27. Hannah says:

    Love the bracelets, how do you make them?

  28. Dayane Cruz says:

    I love your blog….worderfull!!
    Também tenho um blog de moda ,faça uma visita também.
    Super beijo.