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Eww. Today I sat through the single most annoying class I may have ever had. For 3 hours! The second the professor finished his last sentence, I practically jogged over to the nearest newsstand and grabbed one of my favorite glossy magazines. At home I made myself a big mug of steamy coffee with lots of milk and tried to blend out the awfully boring experience I had just had. It worked :)
The cover promised 1000 wonderful spring trends and sure enough the 340-and-some pages didn’t disappoint. I picked out some of my favorite trends.
glamorous t-shirts and tanks to dress up a pair of jeans, fabulous!
bold and vibrant jewelry, pure perfection to make a statement.

girly summer dresses, love the flower-patterns.
red lips and sequin-details on tops.
Also, I am really starting to grow on the safari trend thats been popping up on lots of runways (like Balmain’s rtw spring 2010, here). At first I thought it might be a little hard to incorporate into my daily wardrobe, but thanks to Emily from cupcakes & cashmere, I am now convinced it is the perfect trend to go with this spring.
I love the gray safari-shorts with her bold necklace and girly pink nails.
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  1. Lisa Lisa Lisa says:

    What a great way to relax away the blahs of boredom! I find myself trying to be motivated in the same way. For example "If I just sit through 4 office hours, I can drink caramel coffee and try on my vintage dresses later.."
    I love cupcakes and cashmere!

  2. Valerie says:

    The glamorous tanks and bright dresses are gorgeous! Love these looks! I love reading magazines at home with coffee to destress too. It's one of my favorite activities! :)

  3. Jules says:

    i'm with you…there's nothing better than a tasty cup of coffee and a glossy new magazine! the little things that make me sooo happy :) love all of the bright summer dresses – can't wait to shop for some new summer clothes!

    xo – Julie

  4. Holeh says:

    loveee this post :) its always good to find ways to relax! especially when they involve fashion magazines and coffee <3