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date night at shanghai tan.

To be honest, the last thing I love doing after studying at the library for hours is coming home to cook. And don’t get me wrong, I usually really enjoy making meals at home but for some reason studying makes me super tired … Well good thing that my amazing boyfriend had arranged for a date night at an amazing asian restaurant, Shanghai Tan last night. We enjoyed way too much delicious sushi (the Spyder Roll is my favorite!!) and had too much wine … definitely not good for studying the next morning :) But I fueled up on lots of water, took a long, hot shower and got a good night of sleep, so I am ready to go and good as new today! I wore my new Free People skirt, which definitely makes you feel girly enough for any occasion with the sparkly beading and pretty fabric. (Obviously I’m a bad blogger and left my camera at home again :( so the blackberry pictures are all I have of what we ate)
 Free People skirt
Zara blouse and blazer
H&M belt
Gamloong wedges
**I am totally repeating these wedges but they are just too comfy and perfect for when I know lots of walking will be involved :)
 appetizers: vietn. sweet & sour soup with king prawns, wonton soup and crunchy sushi sandwiches (which were beyond amazing!!)
 big sashimi platter, spyder roll
shanghai-tan roll, alaska roll
 the restaurant {via}
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XOX Vicky
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  1. Nicole Lisa says:

    looks like you had a great evening!
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  2. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    The restaurant looks amazing!!!! By the way I have the exact same nail color right now! :D
    Happy sunday babe! One day to go!


  3. Mia's Little Corner says:

    Wow, I love your skirt and your light pink Blazer!! Beautiful!!:D


  4. Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle says:

    You look simply adorable and what yummy sushi! Looks like a wonderful night…lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

  5. mylittlebrownbag says:

    Now I understand why your mom needs to take in the skirt you have such a small waist! totally gorgeous and the food looks yummy!



  6. Zoe Gabrielle says:

    Today was a study day for me as well. I came home and being the New Yorkers we are. . . the boyfriend ordered pizza, complete with chips and dip and a beer. Not really the healthiest meals but with active gym going I think we can excuse it.

    Good Luck on your studies doll. Love the blog as always!


    Zoe Gabrielle

  7. Emily Anne says:

    free people is my favorite brand. and your skirt reminds me why!
    that restaurant looks so beautiful as well! glad you had a good date night :)

  8. Lena. says:

    super schön !

  9. Fashion Agony says:

    Loooove the interior of that restaurant, so authentic!


  10. Deep says:

    aww such a great boyfriend. You look amazing in the outfit.

  11. ЅΘƤHIΣ says:

    i love your blazer and the wedges :)

    and the food looks very delicous <3

  12. KY says:

    Your waist is so tiny! xo

  13. Anonymous says:

    I'm soooo feeling with you about these wedges. They are my fav shoes ever, absolutely comfy, but sexy, I just adore them. <333

  14. Closet Fashionista says:

    That skirt is sooo pretty! You look amazing :D

  15. gina says:

    Amazing outfit! I love the skirt and blazer together. So pretty. I've never had sushi, but i'm sure it was delicious!

    xo, gina

  16. Carla McCarthy says:

    Looks like you had a romantic time and the food looks yummy!The wedge is adorable!beijos

  17. Marian says:

    That skirt is gorgeous!! Absolutely in love with it!!

  18. Megan says:

    that looks like a fun time! i love your skirt :-) and i love spider rolls too!

    <3 megan

  19. Sarah says:

    Looks like you had a amazing time! I absolutely adore your outfit<3
    Check out my blog?

  20. La Petite Olga says:

    Der Rock ist ein Traum!!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  21. GlamorousGirl says:

    love all of these photos :)
    nice blog :) i'm gonna visit it again :)

    come and check out my blog on:

  22. Kinsey Michaels says:

    i love the atmosphere at that restaurant and your cute pink blazer! looks like a super romantic place for a date night.

  23. Laura says:

    This is such a sweet outfit!!

  24. Ashelle says:

    Adorable outfit. I'm loving the soft pink blazer. Now I'm regretting not picking up a similar one while thrift shopping.

  25. Olya says:

    that skirt is very cute!!!

  26. juliafalci says:

    I often forget my camera too!lol doesn't it make you feel awful?!

  27. Eri says:

    Hi there,

    Your blog is very nice! Please come and have a look at mine as well. Pretty Portobello

    See you soon.

  28. Signorina Christina says:

    blazer <3 Skirt <3 You've got such a nice style! :D


  29. Silver Over Everything says:

    Finding your blog on Blog lovin was the greatest find yet. I love your blog so much because it focouses on my 3 loves, fashion, food, and traveling. And you do all 3 so well, and it is all very down to earht. I'm so inspired by your blog I check it daily and it always has something better and better, keep up the good work.

  30. Amber says:

    this color looks awesome on you!

  31. Lexi says:

    Love the FP skirt!

    Lexi @ http://glitterandpearls.com

  32. Vegas Fashion Stylist says:

    those food pictures are making me crave sushi, and also want those shoes.


  33. Yours Truly says:

    K your blog is SO cute. And I adore your style!


  34. Pancakes and pearls says:

    I absolutely adore this blazer!

    Following you now! :)

  35. Our Youth says:

    lovely photos :)

  36. Elien - DOGS+DRESSES says:

    cute skirt! the food looks great too.

  37. mw says:

    Love the outfit- cute!

  38. cristina says:

    Que falda tan bonita. La chaqueta también me encanta, tiene un color precioso. besoss