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cupcakes, shoes & moschino.

The past 2 days have been full of much needed family time!! My sister and mommy arrived for a 2-day visit on Sunday and it was so good to have them here with us and my brother in Vienna.
Even though the weather wasn’t the best, we still spent all day out and about, enjoying ourselves. Yesterday we started out with some shoe-shopping, sushi for lunch and a visit to my new favorite place, CupCakes Vienna, where we picked up some cupcakes for dessert after dinner at my brother’s place. I wore all black with my Moschino letter belt and my beloved down-feather coat, bought last winter. Still, my ears were freezing and so I shopped a little knit beanie along the way to keep my head warm. I’m not much of a hat person but it did the trick and my ears stayed warm all day!

black shirt
Forever XXI silk skirt
H&M leggings
Zara leather boots
Moschino letter belt
Topshop ring
Benetton down-feather coat
Purse: found in my mom’s closet
Pimkie knit beanie
I’m seriously thinking about going back for these booties!!! Just can’t decide on the color… story of my life!
We ended up getting:
Coconut-Mascapone on Carrotcake & Strawberry-Quark on Chocolatecake
Elderberry-Quark & Blueberry-Quark, both on Chocolatecake
XOX Vicky
PS. I finally found a cute skinny leopard belt while shopping yesterday, took some outfit pictures with it today, you’ll get to see it tomorrow or Thursday :)
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  1. Fashion By He says:

    you look really cute in that hat

    -He approves


  2. anjaeddi says:

    Die Schuhe in den zwei unterschiedlichen Farben sind SEHR toll :)
    Und die Cupcakes natürlich auch :)

    Liebste Grüße
    Anna :)

  3. CHRISTINA says:

    Boah die Booties sind der hammer-….will auch.
    Du siehst toll aus!

  4. Ollie things Beautiful says:

    Love love the belt! It's on my Christmas wish list! The cupcakes look delicious! I would love to visit Vienna again, took a cruise down the Danube river a few years back, it's an enchanting city :)

  5. Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ says:

    yum to the cupcakes – my fave is ALLLL black outfits – I NEED THAT BELT!!!!! – and so mad i wanted boots like u have on from oasis – i go to order them SOLD OUT :o(

    *kiss kiss*

    PS – spreading the word – come one come all and
    *Enter Camille Beckman Luxury Give-Away Here*

  6. Lara - Elain says:

    Tolles outfit,der Gürtel sieht echt total klasse aus. Braun ist mal was anderes als immer schwarz, würde ich Geld haben würde ich auch den braunen wählen ;D

  7. Vikki says:

    You look great, and those cupcakes look so yummy!!!!

    Love the booties you want to buy… I like the brownish ones best!!



  8. Valou says:

    I love your look ! I think the black is made for woman, my friend say me that I often in black but I definitely love this colour.

    hummm cupcakes nice ^^

  9. We love the sweet life says:

    We love love love your moschino belt!!!
    and the cupcakes look yummy!

  10. lellow says:

    die jacke sieht schön aus, war dieser art von jacken bisher recht skeptisch, aber das gefällt mir bei dir wirklich gut :-)

  11. Chiara says:

    Lovely outfit!!
    And those shoes are amazing!!!

  12. Jules says:

    You look great! :) love that belt so so very much!


  13. Vicky K. says:

    die Schuhe sind echt der Hammer!

    (new post: It's not all about fashion & follow me)

  14. Closet Fashionista says:

    Such pretty shoes!!! and I love your bag!!! :D :D

  15. Ana says:

    Those cupcakes look so yummy!

  16. Kinsey Michaels says:

    those shoes are total eye candy! Looks like it was very chilly there in Vienna! my favorite aspects of your outfit are the belt and the leopard print purse.

  17. Michelle says:

    those cupcakes look amazing… love the belt! great combo

  18. A La Mode et Plus! says:

    loving the moschino belt appearance! and all three of those shoes you posted are incredible!
    mmm cupcakes!

    I hope you can check out the giveaway i am throwing!!

  19. Nicole Lisa says:

    Oh so adorable, those cupcakes looks to die for, I will have to visit that place when I go to Vienna December or January.
    As for the shoes I would go for the black ones, not because the others aren't adorable, but I can't help but think of how dirty they will get in fall with rain and mud and in the winter with slush (the horrors of city life).
    Gosh, they are cute both of them though… (actually scrap all I just said and go for both!!!!).
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  20. DiamondsandTulle says:

    Mmm… those cupcakes look divine! You look so chic in the all black with the moschino belt vicky! and the cap looks great on you – you should wear caps more!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  21. helena says:

    Love this.
    The shoes look gorgeous.

  22. Bela Brasil says:

    Love the blog!
    I'm following ..
    I'm from Brazil!
    Follows me too ..

  23. XOXO says:


    Maybe my wish is yours?
    Follow.Enjoy.Love & Share

  24. Lizette says:

    Oh those cupcakes are just mouthwatering! Lovin´the belt and bag. Soon I will need a coat like yours here in Madrid. I´ve recently found you´re blog and I am now following:) Check out my blog, if you like it it´d be great if you followed me too.
    Kisses from Madrid!

  25. Xann says:

    I LOVE that bag!
    Seriously, it's amazing

    Oh and the shoes are too!

  26. oomph. says:

    i love that belt…i lost mine.


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