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cross earrings.

Absolutely love my new cross earrings that I bought at Forever XXI on Monday. I’ve worn them twice already and feel like they add just the right amount of detail to a simple blouse and scarf. What do you guys think? If you don’t have a Forever XXI near you, I found THESE similar ones available online. Sadly a little pricier than my 3€ pair :)
Btw., please ignore my semi-wet hair … wasn’t in the mood to dry it after the gym today. I seriously need to get my butt to the hairdresser asap … it is getting way too long and takes up too much of my time :(

Also, I added a whole bunch of new bracelets to my Esty Shop. It started getting a little empty in there :) Thank you so much for liking those bracelets! Can’t believe I have already sold 17 ♥

  1. Laura says:

    Lovely earings!You look so nice!

  2. GawgusThings says:

    So pretty and I love the bracelets!

  3. Lou says:

    Pretty earings and I love the scarf.



  4. Tariro says:

    They are so pretty!

  5. Kathy says:

    LOVE those earrings! You are so pretty!!! You can put on anything and it will look fab! xoxoxo

  6. Laura says:

    You look stunning in these photos, wet hair or no wet hair! Cute earrings, too. I am in the same boat on my hair. Just too lazy (and slightly poor lol) to go get it cut the way it needs.

  7. Ly says:

    Your bracelets are so lovely!



  8. You look so pretty and nice earrings!

  9. Bella says:

    Hey – i like your blog and your style and the way you seem to be. However, I do not like these earring as in my view the use of religious symbols (cross in the ear – wtf?!) for fashion purposes is morally despicable. Regards!

    • vicky says:

      Hi Bella,

      thank you for your feedback. And a big thank you for the sweet words about my blog & style.

      I do understand your point, but I would have to disagree about the ear part. I just dont see a differenct between wearing a cross on a necklace or with earrings. And for my first communion I got 2 cross-necklaces, which seems to be ok in the katholic religion.

      But in all honesty I do have to admit that I probably wear these earrings more for style reasons than for religious reasons. I didn’t even really think about the religious aspect when buying those. I don’t want to offend anyone but I bought them because I loved the rhinestones & style of the earrings.

      XOX Vicky

  10. nice! x

    p.s. I’m having a necklace giveaway from gigi vintage if you’d like to check it out. :)

  11. MXMLN says:

    die ohrringe sind bezaubernd – mir gefallen deine sogar noch besser als die teureren.

    & die armbänder sind auch toll.