Life is short Buy the shoes, drink the wine and order the dessert.

Life is short

Buy the shoes, drink the wine and order the dessert.

CRAVINGS: pretty blouses.

There are certain combinations that just work. Winners. They can be as simple as a pair of skinny jeans, heels and a blouse (sounds easy enough, right?) but will work for so many different occasions.

CRAVINGS: dream boots.

Those that follow me on my various social channels have probably seen that I am currently roaming around Iceland for an amazing project with lots of power girls and mybestbrands.

CRAVINGS: swim discoveries.

As I am currently lounging by the pool in Mallorca and still have our trip to Miami to look forward to in September, I’ve spent an awful lot of time researching (and shoppping) bikinis to round up my personal top 5 swimwear brands and discoveries.

CRAVINGS: patches and pins.

Earlier today, I received a newsletter with a subject line that read “#trendingnow patches and pins” and instantly I found myself clicking through to see what they had in store for me.

CRAVINGS: south beach.

Over the weekend, Mike and I finalized our bookings for a special little get-away in September. It seems crazy even just writing this out, but this year we will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary…

How To: Cost-Per-Wear + Sale Finds

One of my personal mantras when it comes to investment pieces is the cost-per-wear principle. Spending a months’ worth rent on a bag may seem crazy, but when you only invest into pieces you absolutely adore, the cost-per-wear may end up being lower than that of a more a affordable item.