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cocktails only taste half as good …

… without the perfect rings on your hands to add to the glam-factor. Lately I have been totally obsessed with big cocktail rings and feel like they can really make an outfit complete.
A while back I was introduced to MyJewelryBox.com, an online jewelry retailer. And while at first I thought their pretty jewelry was a little too conservative for my taste, I quickly changed my mind after stumbling upon some of the most amazing cocktail rings I have ever seen!! These would definitely steal the show at any party :) I thought I would share some of my favorites with you …
If you are looking for some real jewelry for a special occasion, you should definitely check out their website. Just beware of the potential damage it could do to your wallet since you’ll definitely be wanting more than you (or at least I) can afford :) I can’t even make up my mind which one of these I should splurge on since I basically want all 5 (and about 10 more on their website) just the same. Which ones are your favorites??
XOX Vicky
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  1. Pasarela says:

    Wow… der Schlangenring ist wirklich wunderschön!

  2. Juli says:

    Der Panda ist unendlich süß :)


  3. Cherrybee says:

    thank you for the tipp i will check out the website immediately.

    the rings look so gorgeous.

    love cherrybee


  4. Andreia Santos says:

    Wow, hard choices!! They're gorgeous!

  5. Closet Fashionista says:

    Oooh love those! The snake is my favorite! :D

  6. Fashion Agony says:

    Love the purple one, will definitely go and check out their website!


  7. SILVIA says:

    i tried to do my own wrp-bracalet following your post…the result is in my blog! see it :)

  8. Froschkoenigin says:

    Der in der Mitte ist super schön. Vor allem jetzt für Frühlings- und Sommeroutfits wohl das perfekte Finish!

  9. miss faty says:

    looooove all the ring :)
    xo xo

  10. Michelle says:

    i looove snake rings, i think i have about 5 from all over the place. i like the orange one too!


  11. everyone calls me bon bon says:

    Ahhhh, such wallet damage could be done:-) I always feel so glamorous with a cocktail ring! xoxo

  12. Jasmin says:

    der schlangenring ist umwerfend!!!