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While I love my ballet flats and sandals, I have been looking for a pair of shoes to wear with some simple jeans for more casual days while running errands or sitting through lectures. Sophie bought a pair of converse chucks a few weeks ago and has been loving them, so I’m thinking I may have to go for them as well :) The ones below are what I have decided on. Now I just need to go and hunt down my size! (and maybe start a little d.i.y. project to add some studds?!)

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4


  1. Ollie Things Beautiful says:

    They are as classic as a sneaker can get! xx-Jackie

  2. Annette says:

    the one's with the studds look super cool! great idea!

  3. Nicole says:

    White converse chucks are a classic and perfect for jeans!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey vicky!

    Oh nein! Ich hasse chucks! Du kannst doch auch in ballerinas, Sandalen oder im Winter in flachen Stiefeln in der Uni sitzen. Du hast so einen schönen style. Zugegeben, auf den Bildern sehen die Outfits echt gut aus, dann überzeug mich bitte;-)

    Liebe grüße aus Deutschland!

  5. Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE says:

    Nice post, love the photos!
    see mine http://thepileofstyle.blogspot.com/
    you might like it :)

  6. Carlota says:

    All stars are really great! Especially here in Belgium, I love flats but when it rains it's impossible to wear them, so then I go for my all stars!
    I've already a few pair, but I love these white ones! Some day I want to add them to my collection too :)
    And the studs are so great on them, but I'm always afraid that I'll ruin them… haha :)
    Carlota's little blog

  7. Carlota says:

    O and when they're dirty you can easily put them in the washing machine and they come out as new! (I've put some already several times in the washing machine). That's what I love about them too and think is important when you buy white shoes :p

  8. Annelie says:

    They wont stay white for long! Ive heard you shouldnt wash them in the machine either :-S

  9. Neris / Fashion Fractions says:

    I got myself a beige ones the other day! All Stars are the greatest :)

    Happy Friday!

    Fashion Fractions

  10. Paulina Patrycja says:

    I conversy dream, but at this moment is just a dream. Maybe someday.
    A proposed any sort d.i.y. This show I am very curious!
    Yours Paulina.

  11. Maja says:

    Ich habe mir letztens ähnliche gekauft, aber die "Slim"-Version (Zu sehen hier: http://italiannights.wordpress.com/2011/07/24/manhattan-buffalo-nagellack-87j-all-star-shoes/ ) :) Die finde ich etwas schöner, weil sie nicht zu klobig aussehen aber das ist ja bei Converse eigentlich nie ein Problem! Und ich finde, jeder – egal ob Mann oder Frau – sollte ein paar Converse im Schrank stehen haben :D

  12. Melonista says:

    I can't get myself to wear a pair of converse but they're so cute!


  13. Emilie says:

    die gleichen werde ich mir morgen auch holen ;)

  14. Erika says:

    who doesn't LOVE chucks – i've been wearing them since Middle School!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  15. Eve says:

    I really like your blog and love your style and d.i.y projects, but there is one thing I´m always wondering about: is there anything else you do besides shopping?? :-D
    It seems like in every single one of your posts you´re talking about what you just bought or what you´re going to buy, that´s crazy! Check your last 10 entries…
    I don´t wanna offend you, when telling you that, it just stands out.

  16. Jane Doe says:

    Even if the look is great with a pair of jeans, the problem is that everybody has a pair of converse…

    I loved them for a long time, but right now really everybody is wearing it… I think it's sad, because there's nothing individual to it anymore…

    But stil they're very comfy.

  17. rach. says:

    oh. my. gosh. LOVE THEM. you have to love converse, they are so casual and spunky! love the blog, chick!

    love, rach.

  18. Kristina says:

    great selection of inspiration photos! Now we both need to go out and get a pair!

    Spotted Appeal

  19. A Princess Out There says:

    No no no Vicky! I'm so sick of All Stars!!

  20. Esther says:

    Nur zu empfehlen. Wunderbar bequem und super zu kombinieren !! Mit Nieten natürlich noch mal einen Tick cooler… ;-)

    Je suis une étoile ☆

  21. Lansky says:

    Just got them :) !! the white low cut one super cute but I need to break them first cuz they're so tight. I love them sooo bad :) I got the black one, white one & who knows after this maybe the all black?