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change is good.

You may have noticed me shifting from just traveling posts to all kinds of posts.
Well, I started this blog because I wanted to share my passion of traveling with the world. As I got into the whole blogging-thing, I started looking at other blogs daily and was overwhelmed with what wonderful women are out there blogging about their world and everything they love. So many ideas started popping into my head, which I was eager to write about and share.
There are uncountable things that inspire me and I will try to capture at least a small collection in this blog. My travels will obviously still be a part of the posts, along with fashion, food and all my other favorites.
– the most wonderful blog about truely loving your home.
– Bloggies 2010: best fashion blog (!!) Emily does it best.
– I am in love with Farah’s „my style. your muse.“ posts. I have yet to find a look I don’t absolutely love.
– I have never seen someone as passionate about food as Patti. Looking for a place to eat? Patti’s blog will open the doors to deliciousness.
– Taylor Sterling, probably my biggest inspiration. I adore everything about her style and blog.
– “we are alex and mina. we sold our house, quit our jobs, and got married in the sun. we have left our life-long home on the prairies of canada to run away together.”
– the name says it all.
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  1. Julia says:

    …change IS good :)
    I'm looking forward to loads of posts about what inspires you in daily life…really like the "lovin' the look"-post – hope there's more to come! :)

    xoxo j.

  2. mina says:

    Thanks for including us in your list! You are so sweet. We're glad you like our blog.

    I responded to your comment in our comments section We preferred Isabela Island… and we also thought that particular comment was totally rude and unnecessary and are glad you reminded us to respond to it.

  3. vicky h. says:

    I don't just like it, I love it :)

    I will keep Isabela Island in mind when planning my next trip! Thank you for your response!

  4. Glam Girl says:

    Nice post! Lovelly pictures


  5. Taylor Sterling says:

    So sweet! Thank you I am blushing!! xoxo

  6. Cafe Fashionista says:

    Taylor and Emily are two of my inspirations, as well – I truly cannot get enough of their style!! :)

  7. sevendollarpants says:

    I love this picture! travelling is my biggest inspiration of all time. great blog.