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HOTEL REVIEW: Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita

Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita Hotel Review - Bikinis & Passports

There is always something magical about staying at a Four Seasons Resort. The brand is known for their high 5-star standards and unparalleled service. During our travels to Mauritius, we decided to end the trip with 3 relaxing days in a hotel after having spent the first half of the trip in a house together with our friends. In the north-eastern part of the island, you’ll find the stunning and secluded Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita with everything natural, modern, rustic and luxurious….

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TRAVEL: Heritage The Villas, Mauritius

Lobby at Heritage Le Telfair | Bikinis & Passports

When we booked our vacation to escape freezing Austria for some vitamin D in Mauritius, the last thing that was on our mind was a cyclone and daily down pours. There are a lot of things you can change, but the weather is definitely not one of them. We’ve been on the island for a week now and rain has been on the daily agenda. It has been a bit of a bummer because we had so many cool day trips and things planned, most of which were cancelled due to the dangerous weather conditions….

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TRAVEL DIARY: snowy weekend getaway


I used to be a firm believer that vacations needed to be far, far away (preferably overseas) in order to be a real vacation. And that at least 2 weeks away from home were necessary in order to feel relaxed. Over the years, that has changed…

“Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul”

Nowadays, Mike and I prefer multiple shorter trips throughout the year rather than one super long holiday….

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HOTEL REVIEW: cortiina Munich.

HOTEL REVIEW Cortiina Munich | Bikinis & Passports

If any of you have ever tried finding a decent hotel in Munich during Oktoberfest, you’ll probably know that is a nearly impossible task. All of the hotels are either fully booked or the prices are sky high. When we decided to head straight from Miami to the Oktoberfest with my siblings super last minute, I was mentally prepared to sleep on my brother’s floor. Little did I know that karma would be on my side and not only did we end up finding a hotel 2 days before heading to Munich, but we actually scored a room at my all-time favorite hotel in Munich, The CORTIINA….

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