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Mountain Bliss: Bergland Soelden Hotel Review

Travel Diary: James Bond Spectre Austria - Sky 007 HD | Bikinis & Passports

Just in time for the wintery season, I have a hotel review straight from the Austrian Alps for you guys today. Whether you’re still looking for a super special Christmas present or a spontaneous weekend getaway in the snowy mountains, the Bergland Soelden is the place for you. During a recent trip, Kathi and I stayed there for a night – just like Daniel Craig while filming for the new 007 movie. Literally, our room was the one next to the suite he stayed in, and of course we snuck in there while nobody was looking!

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MINI-VACATION: Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden

Travel Diary: Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden | Bikinis & Passports

Currently, I would describe my life as pretty stressful. While most people associate stress in a negative way, I think it can also be positive. My “stress” is not personal-, health- or family-related, which would all be reasons to be unhappy. Instead it is work. And there’s lots of it. When you are self-employed, lots of work usually is a good thing. Even though my to-do lists seem to be never-ending and neglection is the best word to describe my relationship with my inbox, I am incredibly happy of how well things are going….

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HOTEL REVIEW: Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort

Hotel Review: Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort | Bikinis & Passports

While I am slowly starting to embrace the cooler season, I wanted to bring back Summer one last time and tell you a little more about the Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort where Kathi and I stayed during our trip to Ibiza. Personally, I rely on fellow bloggers’ reviews, snapshots I see on Instagram and recommendations from friends when it comes to choosing accommondation for foreign places and travels. Of course, all the hotels hire professional photographer to take amazing pictures of their rooms, but I am always curious to know what it really looks like!…

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HOTEL REVIEW: W New York – Downtown

Hotel Review: W Hotel New York - Downtown | Bikinis & Passports

Traveling is one of my biggest passions, and I will always be the first to hop on a plane when the opportunity arises. Especially if said opportunity includes New York during fashion week. The trip was short but amazing, super busy but so inspiring. At times, I found myself literally running through the streets, frantically looking for a taxi or metro station in order to make my next appointment, so you can only imagine how happy I was to come home to a relaxing and welcoming place after a long day out and about….

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