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Tel Aviv Travel Guide - Bikinis & Passports

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is that the more you explore, the more familiar the world starts to feel. Kathi recently put it into really good words during our trip to Israel with Farina & Riccardo (aka fabulous Ricci): “Before you travel to a certain place, it always feels like such an unknown, far away region. Once you spend some time there, it feels like you’ve unlocked another level on the world map.”

Up until recently, Israel felt really far away – even though a 3.5 hour flight from Vienna is much closer than a lot of other places I have been….

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TRAVEL TIP: shampure dry conditioner.

Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner - Bikinis & Passports

While I have an entire cabinet dedicated to my beauty favorites at home, in my own bathroom, traveling usually forces me to really think about my daily routine and what the essentials are. Aside from the fact that carry-on luggage will only allow a few liquid products that all have to be under 100ml, I am also limited to the size of my toiletry bag – even for the checked suitcase….

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HOTEL REVIEW: Market House Hotel Tel Aviv

Market House Hotel Tel Aviv Review | Bikinis & Passports

As amazing as luxurious 5-star hotels are, there is always something special about a stay at a boutique hotel. They may not have the fanciest rooms, biggest breakfast buffet or a turndown service, but they have so much personality and charm! Which was exactly the case with the Market House Hotel in Tel Aviv, where I spent 5 days last week.

Located in Jaffa, the ancient port city out of which Tel Aviv has now grown, the hotel could not have been in a better location for our trip….

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OUTFIT: shalom Tel Aviv.

OUTFIT: MLM Label Off-Shoulder Top (black) | Bikinis & Passports

This week, it has been a bit quite here on the blog. I’ve been in Israel since Tuesday morning and as much as I love to travel, it also means that I have hardly any time at the laptop. Tel Aviv has been so impressive and I adore the way the city feels. The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, the food is delicious (so fresh!!) and the city vibrant and alive….

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