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OUTFIT: blue lagoon.

Mybestbrands Bloggerworkation Iceland - Kaviar Gauche + Iris von Arnim | Bikinis & Passports

It is Monday, 6pm and I just opened my laptop for the first time in 3 days. Literally minutes after writing this post on Saturday my nose started dripping and before I knew it, I was stuck in bed with the worst flu I’ve had in years. Even though I have done an exceptional job at staying offline (pat on the back) since getting sick, I did browse through my emails quickly today and discovered that the final images from our trip to Iceland with mybestbrands had arrived….

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Postcards from Iceland.

Iceland Travel Diary | Bikinis & Passports

Traveling has always been one of my biggest passions. I remember how I worked as a waitress for an entire year during college, saving 300€ per month for a month-long trip through the United States with my best friend at the time. When other people were busy going out to clubs, I preferred to spend my money on travels. Almost 10 years later I am still the same, just that I am so blessed to get to travel a lot for work….

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OUTFIT: northern lights.

OUTFIT: northern lights - ion adventure hotel iceland | Bikinis & Passports

Before you guys get your hopes up: Unfortunately I did not see any northern lights during the short 2-day trip to Iceland. The rain was fairly omnipresent, making it impossible to see any northern lights. None-the-less, our hotel had a stunning and super cozy bar called Northern Lights Bar. I can only imagine how breath-taking it must be to see the lights from a spot like that. Yesterday was particularly gray for most of the day, but for some reason rain is only half as bad when you are hanging out in a beautiful spot with a warm vest on and a cup of peppermint tea or hot chocolate….

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HOTEL REVIEW: cortiina Munich.

HOTEL REVIEW Cortiina Munich | Bikinis & Passports

If any of you have ever tried finding a decent hotel in Munich during Oktoberfest, you’ll probably know that is a nearly impossible task. All of the hotels are either fully booked or the prices are sky high. When we decided to head straight from Miami to the Oktoberfest with my siblings super last minute, I was mentally prepared to sleep on my brother’s floor. Little did I know that karma would be on my side and not only did we end up finding a hotel 2 days before heading to Munich, but we actually scored a room at my all-time favorite hotel in Munich, The CORTIINA….

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