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CRAVINGS: south beach.

CRAVINGS: South Beach Miami Packing List | Bikinis & Passports

Over the weekend, Mike and I finalized our bookings for a special little get-away in September. It seems crazy even just writing this out, but this year we will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary… talk about high school sweethearts, right? Since 10 years of love are definitely something to celebrate, we decided to skip town and have our celebratory dinner in South Beach Miami instead. So excited! Even though we already booked our flights a good 2 weeks ago, we just finalized our hotel this past weekend, so now it is officially time to start planning (and shopping)….

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OUTFIT: the streets of Bangkok.

OUTFIT: Bangkok, floral off-shoulder top with blush pink plisse culottes | Bikinis & Passports

Sawasdee Ka from Bangkok: Even though I love to travel and feel like I have gotten to explore many incredible destinations, Asia has never been ticked-off my list until this week. And this is just the beginning! Bangkok is so different than any city I have ever been to. It is huge, it is busy, it is a bit dirty and strange but in an intriguing way. Of course, 3 days in the Thai capital were no where near enough and I know I’ll have to come back one day, but the things that I did get to see were impressive, beautiful and new….

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the best tricks to survive long-distance flights.

Travel: the best tricks to survive long-distance flights | Bikinis & Passports

This year, it seems that I am racking up those frequent traveler miles. After starting our year in Maui, Mauritius was next on the agenda in February. Then in March Mike and I flew to the Maldives and stopped in Abu Dhabi on our way home. April brought along 4 days in Dallas and in May I went to Spain twice – Mallorca and Barcelona. In June I flew to Barcelona again to spend 5 days on a ship and currently I am writing this post from Bangkok….

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TRAVEL: a waltz through vienna.

TRAVEL: a waltz through vienna - InterContinental Insider Experience Vienna | Bikinis & Passports

I am not one to shy away from telling others how much I love my beautiful hometown Vienna. It seems that the longer I live here, the more the love grows. Aside from all the history and stunning architecture, Vienna is a city that feels welcoming and charming. It is international with over 1 million inhabitants but not too big to lose yourself in the city. To me, it is the perfect place to call home! …

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