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VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth: Detox Diary Part II.

VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth Review: Detox Diary Part 1 | Bikinis & Passports


Saturday, July 15th

Same spiel as every day: the alarm rings at 7:15am and almost intuitively we make our magnesium citrate drink, pull some oil and get dressed – this time in workout clothes since I have a personal trainer lesson after breakfast.

I sit down for breakfast at 8:30am, Mike follows shortly after. Today I get 1.5 potatoes + some smoked salmon and a wedge of lemon. Honestly, I have gotten used to the potatoes and love my breakfast….

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VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth: Detox Diary Part I.

VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth Review: Detox Diary Part 1 | Bikinis & Passports

The older I get, the more important my own personal health becomes to me – both the mental and physical health. I have always found great interest in topics revolving around “detoxing” (or let’s call it giving your body a break), working out, superfoods and a well-balanced diet.

When Mike told me about this clinic at Lake Worth he read about back in April, I was instantly hooked on the idea….

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TRAVEL: postcards from Ibiza.

Canon EOS M10: Postcards from Ibiza | Bikinis & Passports

This will be a summer to remember. Even though I always love summer, this year is extra special for many reasons. My best friend is getting married, Mike turns 30 (♥), I am spending an entire week dedicated to taking care of my body and we finally made the ultimate girls trip to Ibiza happen last month – you didn’t really think I would go on without sharing any pictures, right?…

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TRAVEL: a day at the (malibu) farm.

Malibu Farm, Breakfast at the Malibu Pier | Bikinis & Passports

The weather in L.A. is not always as sunny as you’d expect it to be. Especially in May and June, the famous “June Gloom” makes an appearance. While the inland areas are nothing but blue skies, the coastal area can get pretty foggy and gloomy in the mornings due to the marine layer clouds moving in from the Pacific.

However, that didn’t stop us from having an amazing time down by the water….

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