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HOTEL REVIEW: Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort

While I am slowly starting to embrace the cooler season, I wanted to bring back Summer one last time and tell you a little more about the Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort where Kathi and I stayed during our trip to Ibiza. Personally, I rely on fellow bloggers’ reviews, snapshots I see on Instagram and recommendations from friends when it comes to choosing accommondation for foreign places and travels. Of course, all the hotels hire professional photographer to take amazing pictures of their rooms, but I am always curious to know what it really looks like! Well, that’s what reviews are for, right?

Hotel Review: Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort | Bikinis & Passports

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TRAVEL: my (mini) guide to Ibiza

For the past two years, I have extended my Summer with a bit of September sunshine on beautiful Ibiza. While I simply adore Eivissa, I am not the right person to write about the parties and nightlife on the island, since I haven’t really experience that so far. Last year I went to Ibiza with Mike (which was more of a romantic getaway than a party marathon), and this year it was a girls trip booked with TUI.
Sure, Kathi and I stopped by the beach clubs, had some sangria and enjoyed the live music, but we didn’t go into any clubs like Pacha, Space or DC-10. Instead, we rented a small VW Polo and spent the days driving around and exploring the island. Ibiza is a place that will probably make everyone happy in one way or another. You can go on hikes, you can lay out by the beach, you can visit Old Town, plan day-trips to Formentera, or you can go crazy partying all night. Whatever your heart desires … ♥

Today, I wanted to share a few of the reasons why I’ve fallen in love with the island with you, in my personal (mini) guide to Ibiza – including a ton of photos, of course!

TRAVEL: my (mini) guide to Ibiza | Bikinis & Passports

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don’t let the sun go down

While Ibiza is mostly known for it’s parties, there is also so much more to the small Spanish island. Idyllic coves, sandy beaches and amazing food awaits. One of my favorite spots on Ibiza is definitely Cotton Beach Club. A stunning white interior, delicious sangria and an even better view are the perfect reason to visit Cala Tarida. We headed to Cotton Beach Club for a late lunch, and then rented beach chairs to spend the remaining afternoon down by the water, waiting for the sun to set. The sunset in Ibiza was literally one of the most stunning ones I have ever seen, and the atmosphere by the beach was magical. But see for yourself:

amazing sunset in Ibiza | Bikinis & Passports

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where to eat in new york city?

Even though my trip to NYC was incredibly short, I also made sure to get to know a few new spots. I didn’t repeat a single thing I had done during my first two trips to the Big Apple, in order to discover as many new corners as possible. So, where to eat in New York City? The options are more or less infinite and it would probably take years to get a good overview of the cities culinary offerings. However, I do have a few recommendations I definitely want to share with you. These are places that I stopped by this time around and absolutely loved:

Where to eat in New York City? Santina Meatpacking | Bikinis & Passports

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