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TRAVELS: Portoroz, my love!

Our annual trip to Portoroz has become my personal highlight of the summer – I start a countdown in April … for August (just sayin’). I put together a huge travel diary for The Daily Dose, but also wanted to share a few snapshots with you guys. There’s nothing better than a summery get-away that is just a 4-5 hour drive away. Snug between Italy (where we visited the Castello di Duino) and Croatia, Portoroz also offers plenty of day-trip opportunities, not to mention the crystal clear ocean and amazing breakfast buffet at the Kempinski Palace Hotel. Have any of you been to Slovenia? Or do you have any hidden gems for getaways that aren’t too far from Vienna?

Portoroz Travel Diary - Bikinis & Passports

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BEAUTY TALK: a new york lovestory … MYNY

Ohh, New York! There is something so magical about the city, and it is simply like no other place in the world. So impressive, so timeless, so eclectic, so fast, so beautiful, … so New York! I am 100% a city girl and couldn’t imagine not being surrounded by lots of pretty buildings, the hustle and bustle of other people around me and the endless possibilities (especially when it comes to food) a city has to offer on a daily basis. I’ve been to NYC twice and currently the destination is more present than ever, since my good friend Victoria just moved there with her hubby – what better excuse to plan another trip soon, right? Until then, I’ve got MYNY right in my pocket with the new DKNY scent: girly yet grown up – fresh and flowery but also timeless and rich – cool yet classy! MYNY is for every girl, no matter what your lovestory with New York City is like ♥

Bikinis & Passports for DKNY - MYNY Perfume

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OUTFIT: #fossilfrankfurt

As I already mentioned on Thursday, I had a quick trip to Frankfurt last week to attend the opening of the new Fossil flagship store. We had so much fun discovering all the pretty watches and leather goods, as well as sipping on yummy Pim’s Cups and chatting away. For the occasion I decided on a summery linen blouse, my favorite jeans by SET and my beloved poppy heels. Oh, and of course a touch of leo – what else?

Fossil Store Opening Frankfurt

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TRAVEL: Hello from Frankfurt

I can’t believe it’s already been 3 weeks since I got back from beautiful Montreux, time seems to fly by at the moment. Speaking of flying – I just touched down in Frankfurt, Germany (first time ever, except layovers at the airport) and checked into The Pure Hotel to get ready for a fun evening with Fossil and lots of lovely ladies. I rarely get to see all the blogger girlies from Germany, so tonight is like a little re-union. Excited! While I am off to get dressed for the event I leave you with a few first impressions from today:

Frankfurt: Fossil Store Opening August 2014

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