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back to school – desk accessories

back to school - desk accessories by Kate Spade | Bikinis & Passports

Slowly but surely, it feels like Summer is coming to an end. With September just around the corner, our agendas are filling up quickly and judging by my overflowing inbox, people are returning from their vacations. Currently, Kathi and I are also getting our office ready for an exciting last quarter of the year and are doing a bit of re-decorating. While we love our big, dining-style table (which we use as a shared desk), we have decided that it was time for us to each have our own desk….

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VIDEO: bridal shoot

PoschStyle Bridal Shoot | Bikinis & Passports

Last week, I married Kathi! Not really, but it sure felt like it. We hopped in front of Julie Brass’ lens for a bridal shoot to show off Anna Posch’s skills. Don’t worry, no wedding bells ringing just yet, but it was so much fun to play dress up with stunning dresses and even more stunning flower crowns. Since it has been forever since I last uploaded a video to my Youtube channel, I created a short little video to take you guys behind-the-scenes….

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where I work

where I work: The Daily Dose office | Love Daily Dose

While it is more than obvious to me, what I do on a daily basis, I’ve recently come to realize that some of you may have no idea. I have been getting lots of questions about my job and what I do all day long, so I thought I would explain. I used to work as junior manager social media for a big German fashion retailer for over 2.5 years. The company then decided to move their location from Vienna to Düsseldorf (Germany) this past July, which is when I decided to give my baby (aka Bikinis & Passports) and The Daily Dose the chance they have always deserved….

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OUTFIT: Festive with StyleGuide TV

The Daily Dose Holiday Shoot with StyleGuide TV - Bikinis & Passports

Those that read The Daily Dose, may have already gotten wind of an amazing project, for which Kathi and I joined forces with the girls of StyleGuide TV. For a bit of holiday inspiration, we created a short video (scroll to the bottom) and 3 festive looks. As a setting we choose the stunning Hotel Imperial in Vienna and shot there all day. I’ve been super excited to share the results with you guys, and today I can finally do so….

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