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CRAVINGS: knitted

After a wonderful weekend in London with the family, I am back in Vienna today. Unfortunately I brought a little stomach flu with me (2nd time since Christmas…) and am stuck in bed right now. At least I have the perfect excuse to do some online shopping, right?
We had so much fun exploring stunning London these past few days, but I have to say, January in London can be pretty cold! That’s why today’s cravings are all about some warm knits, which I would have loved to all wear at the same time over the weekend. Nothing like the perfect sweater to make Winter more bearable – especially if every single one is on sale! Wishing you all an amazing week!

GIRISSIMA.com knitted sweaters - Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: rainy days

It’s been raining all day, and guess what – I am not even really upset about it. Something about rainy Sundays is simply magical to me. I don’t know if it is because I love an excuse to stay on the sofa all day, or if it is the sound of the raindrops falling on our skylight windows. Or maybe because it requires a certain attire, which could possibly call for some online shopping? Whatever it is, an occasional rainy day is definitely something I don’t mind, especially if I had all those pretty items from today’s cravings in my closet. The Burberry boots are at the veeeery top of my wishlist right now. I love my Hunter rain boots, but rarely wear them because I feel like they go up a bit too high and they look like typical rain boots. Well, these Burberry babies are definitely the most stylish rain boots I’ve ever seen and I can even imagine wearing them without a single cloud or raindrop in sight!

Sunday Cravings: rainy days

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CRAVINGS: cool cat

On most days I would describe my style as pretty classy and timeless (not too experimental), with a girly touch. But sometimes I am craving a bit of an edge – biker boots, chains, studs & some black. Today’s cravings are for my inner cool cat! Dark lipstick (I’ve been wanting something Tom Ford forever …), a Stella McCartney clutch (I think the Falabella from last christmas is still one of my favorite purchases of the year), and of course a scarf by Alexander McQueen.

Cravings: Cool Cat

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CRAVINGS: less is more

I am a girl who loves a good deal and am almost kind of proud when I score a piece I’ve been coveting for weeks at a great price! During the christmas sales I bought my Falabella bag for -40% and just recently I purchased the most gorgeous Alexander McQueen silk scarf for -50%. Amazing, right? So when GIRISSIMA asked for my favorite SALE finds of the season it was an easy task. For this week’s cravings I have put together some items I’ve been keeping an eye on all season and love even more now that they’re on sale! Which of these beauties are your favorite?

Less is More - Girissima.com

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