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CRAVINGS: knitted

GIRISSIMA.com knitted sweaters - Bikinis & Passports

After a wonderful weekend in London with the family, I am back in Vienna today. Unfortunately I brought a little stomach flu with me (2nd time since Christmas…) and am stuck in bed right now. At least I have the perfect excuse to do some online shopping, right?
We had so much fun exploring stunning London these past few days, but I have to say, January in London can be pretty cold!…

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CRAVINGS: rainy days

Sunday Cravings: rainy days

It’s been raining all day, and guess what – I am not even really upset about it. Something about rainy Sundays is simply magical to me. I don’t know if it is because I love an excuse to stay on the sofa all day, or if it is the sound of the raindrops falling on our skylight windows. Or maybe because it requires a certain attire, which could possibly call for some online shopping?…

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CRAVINGS: cool cat

Cravings: Cool Cat

On most days I would describe my style as pretty classy and timeless (not too experimental), with a girly touch. But sometimes I am craving a bit of an edge – biker boots, chains, studs & some black. Today’s cravings are for my inner cool cat! Dark lipstick (I’ve been wanting something Tom Ford forever …), a Stella McCartney clutch (I think the Falabella from last christmas is still one of my favorite purchases of the year), and of course a scarf by Alexander McQueen….

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CRAVINGS: less is more

Less is More - Girissima.com

I am a girl who loves a good deal and am almost kind of proud when I score a piece I’ve been coveting for weeks at a great price! During the christmas sales I bought my Falabella bag for -40% and just recently I purchased the most gorgeous Alexander McQueen silk scarf for -50%. Amazing, right? So when GIRISSIMA asked for my favorite SALE finds of the season it was an easy task….

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