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CRAVINGS: lace bras for every budget.

lace bras for every budget | Bikinis & Passports

Over the past two years, one of my personal favorite trends has been lace bras. In all shapes, colors and sizes. I have grown quite the collection (mostly black and white, though) and wear nothing else. So comfortable and such an amazing accessory at the same time. My current no.1 is definitely the black lace bra by Anine Bing which I’ve been wearing nonstop, but there are also so many other cute options out there….

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FOR THE HOME: final touches on the deck

OUTDOOR LIVING: final touches for our deck with WestwingNow | Bikinis & Passports

Even though I’ve considered out deck “done” since the beginning of Summer (when I last shared some impressions) there is always room for a little improvement, right? Over the years, I’ve found lots of amazing pieces for our home, thanks to the sales on Westwing (ie. all of the pillows in our apartment …). Recently, my favorite destination for online-interior shopping launched their new ready-to-shop site called WestwingNow – which will basically be the death of me (or actually my bank account). …

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my 5 best buys this Summer.

Summer Must-Haves: My 5 Best Buys Of The Season | Bikinis & Passports

This year, for this first time in a while, I’ve made it a point to put together a list of items I wanted for Summer. Since then, I’ve done a fairly good job at buying those items, and I have to say, I’ve made some pretty darn good purchases! While I try not to wear the same outfit for days in a row, I have no problem with wearing certain things over and over again, just styling them differently….

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CRAVINGS: sweet summer song

Cravings: Summer Vibes | Bikinis & Passports

After a super rainy Summer last year, we’ve been blessed with quite some sunshine so far this year. As a Summer child, I couldn’t be happier. Even though 35°C is pushing it, I would much rather be sweating than wearing sweaters during Summer. Inspired by lots of sunshine and tropical vibes, I leave you guys with today’s cravings while I am off to catch the last bit of sun. Oh sweet Summer song!…

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