turn off the lights…

…and light a candle. I am a huge candle lover. They are placed all around the apartment and on rainy days or evenings spent on the sofa, there is always a candle burning in our living room.

BEAUTY TALK: dear hyaluronic acid…

… I love you. But let’s start from the beginning. My skin and I, we don’t always get along. As an adult, I have learned to deal with the eczema much better than when I was younger, but I still have those difficult phases every now and then.

OUTFIT: Maximilianstrasse

The older I get, the more I understand why jewels and watches have such a special standing in our society. Why they are usually the pieces we receive as gifts for special occasions and celebrations in life.

OUTFIT: the padded bomber.

I think we can all agree that we are over warm coats and ready for Spring – who’s with me? While my heart says leather jacket and light bomber, the weather in Vienna doesn’t seem to be on the same page just yet.