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CRAVINGS: birthday heels.

Aquazzura Alix Pumps - Bikinis & Passports

This past week has been absolutely amazing and I have basically run around with a huge smile on my face for days. I have always loved birthdays, but this year’s celebrations were extra special!

Wednesday was my actual birthday and my best friend decided to take over and surprised me with a picture-perfect day. We started out with a 75-min yoga class at 10am. Talk about a blissful morning! Next on the agenda was lunch at the cutest little french café in the 9th district….

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CRAVINGS: below zero.

CRAVINGS: Winter Outfit Inspiration | Bikinis & Passports

Amongst the things I learned this past week, was that distressed denim does not work well with temperatures below zero. That’s -10°C to be exact. On Wednesday we were confronted with said temperatures and I stood infront of my closet, desperately looking for jeans without holes. My search was not quite as successful as it should have been. That’s why I decided to start looking for some new jeans. And possibly a warm faux fur scarf, sweater and more….

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CRAVINGS: under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Presents 2016 - what I got for Christmas | Bikinis & Passports

I have to admit, it has been a bit quiet here on the blog since Tuesday. That is because, like most other people, I have decided to stay away from my laptop for Christmas and did all those things I never have time for during the year. Slept in ’til 10 every day, had lazy breakfast with the family until noon, took long walks in the freezing cold, warmed up with coffee and cookies, drank too much wine at dinner and of course, ate way too much….

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CRAVINGS: I wish …

ANNA Inspiring Jewellery Christmas Gift Guide | Bikinis & Passports

Every time I walk into the ANNA Inspiring Jewellery store here in Vienna, I feel like a little girl in a candy shop. Except for the fact that jewellery is so much better than candy and lasts much longer! ANNA is simply one of those brands I love 110% – especially for all the attention they pay to detail. Fresh roses, always. The cutest window displays. Sales girls with matching red lips, outfits and hairstyles….

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