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CRAVINGS: pre-loved

A week ago, Kathi and I held a fleamarket at our office. Aside from the fact that we had so much fun meeting a lot of you, we also had some really interesting conversations about pre-loved items and how someone’s “trash” can be another person’s “treasures”. It got me thinking. What are my treasures? Why do some items only make it out of the back of my closet a few times, while others are in constant use? And how cool is it, that things I don’t love as much anymore, are items that make others come to our fleamarket and put a smile on their face? That’s probably the same thought the founders of Vestiaire Collective had. Only that they stepped up their game a notch and took the amazing idea of re-selling pre-loved designer items to the next level, meaning: online! Instead of you handing over your pieces to a second-hand store (which usually charges 50% of commission), or putting together a fleamarket yourself (which involves quite a bit of work and lots of schlepping – trust me), they offer a platform where you can shop and sell authentic designer items, as they live by th“no to fakes” motto and have a detailed authenticity control for every single piece before it is sent to the buyer. The perfect place for fashion lovers to part with their unloved (but no less amazing) designer items – or shop for new love!

Vestiaire Collective | Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: eye spy

There’s a little countdown going on right now. Today, we’re at 16 days, and it is time to get excited! Pretty soon, Kathi and I will be hoping on a plane for some fun (and business) in the sun. While it won’t involve any sand or ocean, we have a rooftop pool and 28°C forecast to look forward to. Reason enough to start planning outfits. Obviously the planning process usually just makes you realize, that you have exactly nothing to wear, so we’ve been browsing the online shops like pros. While doing so, I came across some Karen Walker sunglasses again, which have literally been on my wishlist for years! The only problem: They don’t sell them anywhere around here, so no chance to try them on – which would probably be a good idea before spending 230€ on sunglasses… But the longer I look at them, the more in love I am. Now I just need to make up my mind between the classic “Number One”, or the “Harvest”. What do you guys think?

Cravings: Karen Walker Sunglasses | Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: ready for Spring

Sooo, I have a confession to make. This past week, the weather showed first signs of Spring, and guess what I did? LOTS of shopping … But hey, it’s a new season and a little wardrobe update was far overdue, so it is all good. Plus, I think these items will really have me ready for warmer days. The postman will have fun running up and down the stairs to our office, delivering all the goodies, and I’ll have even more fun unwrapping the boxes. Until then, I leave you with today’s cravings, which include a few items that will soon no longer be cravings (hint hint: the Le Specs runaways luxe)  happy Sunday!

Cravings: Le Specs Runaways Luxe | Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: milano fashion week

While I am sitting at the gate, waiting to board my flight to Milan, I leave you guys with some cravings for fashion week. Trust me, packing for 3 days in Milan is harder than a 2-week long trip to anywhere else. What does one wear to fashion week? Especially in Italy, where women seem to have fashion in their genes. In the end, I decided to go with a few typical “Vicky Pieces”, because after all, I want to feel like myself! There’s a full agenda planned for the next 3 days, but one of my personal highlights will be the AIGNER show (I’ll keep you updated via Instagram). Ever since I spotted Miss Maddalena a while ago, it has been on my wishlist! These past few months, I’ve really loved crossbody bags, since they make life so much easier. Especially when I am running around town all day, I love having my hands free for car keys, cell phone, a coffee on the go and of course my camera. My flared jeans are packed as well, and this is one look that I’d love to wear these next few days.

CRAVINGS: milan fashion week with AIGNER | Bikinis & Passports

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