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CRAVINGS: advent atmosphere

For the 2nd Advent Sunday, we decided to head home and spend some downtime with our families. Nothing beats a late Sunday breakfast with the loved ones, good coffee, waffles and chatting for hours. Just like every year, my mom has done an amazing job decorating the house and it made me regret not decorating this year. Luckily, however, that special Advent atmosphere can also be translated through other things, such as a faux fur plaid, candles burning around the house and a little bling bling or red nails. One of my favorite home decor stores, Interio, just launched their webshop about 2 weeks ago and to celebrate we’ve created a special 10% discount for you guys. So if you’re on the lookout for a cozy blanket, some Christmas tree decor or whatever your heart desires, be sure to shop with the code BIKINIS10 before the 24th. Happy 2nd Advent!

Interio Cravings - Advent Atmosphere

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CRAVINGS: holiday ready

With all the coziness yesterday at home, I totally skipped my cravings. And cravings are never to be skipped, right? After all, we have to dream about all those pretty items! This week, I’ve finally found myself getting into the holiday spirit a bit. I am planning first Christmas presents and wearing warmer clothes. This year, I am especially excited about spending the holidays with the family. My brother has been away in Germany for an internship and I can’t wait to spend a few days together with all my loved ones. And speaking of the holidays, I am also looking to update my closet a bit. Aside from gorgeous, lacy underwear (which are always a must during the most romantic season of the year!), I’ve had my eye on a really red nail polish and am on the lookout for the perfect wool coat. Suggestions are welcome, because the baby on my wishlist would make me bankrupt in a heartbeat. Oh, and don’t even get me started on that Valentino bag …

Triumph Lingerie for the holidays - Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: Sunday at home

Yesterday I saw a quote on Instagram that read “stop the glorification of busy” and for some reason it really stuck with me. It seems that now adays the busier you seem, the cooler and more important you are. Admittedly, we live in a very fast-paced society and you do need to stay busy to be able to keep up – I’ve found that to be more true than ever being self-employed. If you don’t get s*** done, someone else will jump at the opportunity. But like most things in life, it is all about the right balance. Recently, I’ve made it a point to keep work in a Monday through Friday time frame and really try to “turn off” on the weekends and keep myself from answering emails past 8pm. Today I slept in until 11, yesterday it was 11:30. And I love it. Just like today will be all about painting my nails, good food, friends and lounging on the couch all day. Because guess what? It is ok to NOT be busy some times. Happy Sunday!

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CRAVINGS: under 30€

Most of the items on my personal lust-list are usually super expensive – hence the wishlist factor! However, sometimes I come across pieces that are not only super pretty, but also a really good deal. For this week’s cravings, I’ve decided to round up a few favorites from my “under 30€” wishlist. Especially with Christmas creeping up on us it can be helpful to have a few affordable items on your list, which can also make for great gifts for your girlfriends or sister. What’s on your affordable wishlist?

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