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CRAVINGS: best of designer sale.

CRAVINGS: best of designer sale | Bikinis & Passports

The sales around town have been going on for a few days and even weeks now, but a lot of my favorite online shops just added some new sale items and increased the discount. Reason enough to spend a relaxing weekend in Berlin browsing away. While I was at it, I spotted some pieces that I have been watching all season and even featured most of them in my cravings before….

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How To: Cost-Per-Wear + Sale Finds

Self Portrait ivy lace trimmed midi dress | Bikinis & Passports

One of my personal mantras when it comes to investment pieces is the cost-per-wear principle. Spending a months’ worth rent on a bag may seem crazy, but when you only invest into pieces you absolutely adore, the cost-per-wear may end up being lower than that of a more a affordable item. I rarely shop at places like H&M or Zara anymore because I find that most of the buys end up being things I don’t really appreciate as much and only wear a couple of times….

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Chanel Slingback Shoes - Paris in Rome Pre-Fall 2016 | Bikinis & Passports

New Chanel slingback shoes are one way to do Mondays – and all of a sudden Mondays become pretty awesome. After finally deciding to return the floral Gucci bag, I stopped by Chanel on my way to the grocery store after a doctor’s appointment today. Little did I know that the last pair of tweed and velvet slingbacks in my size were waiting for me … of course I couldn’t go home without them!…

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CRAVINGS: boho sandals for every budget.

boho sandals for every budget | Bikinis & Passports

Maybe some of you are currently also in the process of getting your wardrobe ready for Summer with a few sunny day essentials, so here is my collection of boho sandals for every budget that I’ve found (and loved) so far!

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