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best black Friday sales + discount codes

Larsson & Jennings Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 2015

Good morning and welcome to Black Friday! The one day of the year that we are officially allowed to go nuts in terms of shopping – because if you think about it, we’re actually saving money with all the amazing Black Friday sales and discounts going on. To make things a bit easier, I’ve round up the best Black Friday sales + coupon codes for you guys, as well as my personal wishlist from each store. Ready, set, shooooop …

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Essentials For Winter: my tips to keep warm

Essentials For Winter: Tipps on How to Stay Warm | Bikinis & Passports

While I am trying my best to adjust my wardrobe to the outdoor setting, I does take some getting used to all the layers and not leaving home without a scarf and gloves again. That’s why I did the work for you, and put together my essentials for Winter today. Aka “my tipps to keep warm” …

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CRAVINGS: searching for the perfect winter boots

Cravings: Finding the perfect winter boots | Bikinis & Passports

Come Winter, I feel like I am living a déjà vu year after year. It gets cold outside and I am left with a closet full of espadrilles and sneakers, but nothing warm to wear. This week, I am definitely craving a pair of great winter boots, meaning: if you have any recommendations or thoughts on my selection, please let me know! “Help, I need somebody – help, not just anybody …” ♫

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CRAVINGS: my christmas wishlist

Cravings: Vicky Heiler Christmas wishlist | Bikinis & Passports

Today, at brunch, Mike looked at me and said “Isn’t crazy how November will be over in 2 weeks? The year will be gone before we know it”. How right he is. Do you guys remember those years, when we were still in school, where Friday always seemed ages away? My friends I would spend the Monday talking about the past weekend, and come Tuesday we would start planning our agenda and outfits in anticipation of those 2 days off….

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