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CRAVINGS: initials to love.

Nothing quite says “It’s mine!” like some initials. Whether they are your own, those of a significant person in your life or the initials of an iconic designer – I love them all. Which is exactly why today’s cravings are all about those initials to love:

Cravings: Initials to Love | Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: Beauty Newbies

Do you guys currently have any beauty products on your wishlist? Is there anything that you’ve been drooling over for ages, but just can’t get yourself to spend the money? Well, welcome to the club! There are a few items, I’d love to try and possibly add to my daily routine. However, me and my skin are so picky when it comes to products, that I always have to think twice about giving something a try. For example, I once got an amazing concealer from Asia, put it on super excitedly and got a rash within hours. None-the-less, I wanted to share some of the things that are currently on my (beauty) wishlist with you guys today – maybe you’ve tried something and can help me make up my mind?

Cravings: Beauty Newbies | Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: so versatile

Versatile is always good, right? A dress that works for the beach, but can easily dressed up with heels and pretty jewellery, or a pair of shoes that can be worn to brunch with shorts, but also works for business meetings. I love things that are versatile – especially when traveling those are key-items to bring. One piece, lots of options! Which is exactly what this week’s cravings are all about: great items in your closet that will make your (fashion) life a bit less complicated.

Cravings: Versatile Pieces For Summer | Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: sweet summer song

After a super rainy Summer last year, we’ve been blessed with quite some sunshine so far this year. As a Summer child, I couldn’t be happier. Even though 35°C is pushing it, I would much rather be sweating than wearing sweaters during Summer. Inspired by lots of sunshine and tropical vibes, I leave you guys with today’s cravings while I am off to catch the last bit of sun. Oh sweet Summer song!

Cravings: Summer Vibes | Bikinis & Passports

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