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BEAUTY TALK: Invisalign Update #2

It has been 3 months since I started my Invisalign treatment for my teeth, and I have been getting a ton of emails and questions in regards to how it has been going for me. About time for another post, I would say! For today’s update, I wanted to focus on my personal first impressions. Right now, I feel like I am at a changing point as to where the aligners have become so natural to me, that I don’t even really think about it anymore. So before I get too used to them, I wanted to jot down my experience from the first few weeks and share it with you.

Invisalign Review: First Impressions | Bikinis & Passports

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FOR THE HOME: a (white) kitchen affair

For the past 3 years, I’ve never really shared any images of our kitchen with you. Sure, I’ve posted bits and pieces on Instagram, but never the whole thing. It is certainly not because I wanted to keep it a secret, but rather because it was never 100% presentable. I adore our apartment for the big living/dining room with an open kitchen, but at the same time, the space is also very tempting when it comes to clutter. At some point the kitchen island was more desk, storage & paper piles than anything else. On Monday, I took a day off from work and finally tackled that mess. Now our kitchen is back to the way I remember it when we first moved in and I am determined to keep it this way! Cheers to a white kitchen affair!

HOME: a white kitchen affair | Bikinis & Passports

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INSTA 101: editing photos + filters I love

Over the years, one of the most frequently asked questions on my Instagram (@vickyheiler) has probably been “What filters do you use to edit your photos?”. While I try to be good about answering all your questions directly on the app, I thought it would be fun to put together a post of how I like to edit my Instagram photos, what apps I have and which filters I love to use. For me personally, there are plenty of accounts that I follow where I would LOVE to know how they edit their photos – Sincerely Jules being one of them. I love the look of her account but have never found the answer of what filters she uses. That being said, it is certainly no secret how I edit my photos and I am more than happy to share all the details with you .

INSTA 101: editing photos + filters I love

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HEALTHY LIVING: detox round 2

It has been almost exactly 6 months since the last time Kathi and I detoxed (check out our detox diary HERE), and in order kick-off the bikini season with a little help, we decided to go for round 2! Unfortunately, our schedules are so busy right now, that we were only able to squeeze in a 3-day juice cleanse, but I guess a 3-day cleanse is better than a no-day-cleanse, right? Since the last time around went fairly smooth for me (I didn’t get hungry at all during the 5 days and felt pretty good, even made it to the gym once), I decided to step it up a notch this time around and went for the Super Green Delight.

Detox Delight Review: Super Green Delight Juice Cleanse | Love Daily Dose

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