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BITS & PIECES: on the go

This past week has been beyond busy – 4 days of filming with VICE and then straight to London to shoot for HALLHUBER. Even though I’ve gotten too little sleep and have a ton of emails to catch up on, I am incredibly happy about all the things that are currently happening. I now have 2 days at home to unpack, repack and get ready for Fashion Week in Berlin next week. But first: cuddles on the sofa with my favorite guy ♥ Wishing you all an amazing weekend!

London calling:

bits & pieces: on the go | bikinis & passports

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FOR THE HOME: al fresco dining

While Mike has been gone on a boys’ trip to Ibiza for the past 5 days, I took the opportunity to get a few things from my personal to-do list done, including a little table for dining up on the deck. We’ve had a lounge area for the past 2 years, which comes with a “coffee table”, but it was simply too unpractical for eating. For this summer, I actually want us to be able to sit down at a table for some al fresco dining. So as soon as the boys were gone I headed to IKEA the next day and found the perfect little (folding) table that sits 4 – or maybe 6 if we all cuddle – and can easily be folded away when we’d rather use the space for dancing, tanning, … I am beyond happy with the outcome and can’t wait for lots of amazing meals outdoors.

al fresco dining area - Bikinis & Passports

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BITS & PIECES: summer is here

This week, summer finally arrived. Blue sky, warm weather, rooftop BBQs, nude flats and fresh flowers have all made my day a little happier, as seen on Instagram (@vickyheiler). Most of my days seem so busy and time flies by, that I love going through my recent insta-snapshots to remember the small things that brighten up even the busiest days. These stunning Valentino Rockstud flats in the most perfect nude are finally mine:

bits & pieces - Instagram snapshots

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Fact is, girls can be mean! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always found it strange how hateful girls can be towards each other. While guys always seem to get along, we are constantly “in a fight” with someone… That is probably one of the reasons why I preferred sitting by a guy friend at school during my final years of high school, rather than with the girls. He was never mad at me for no reason, he never talked behind my back and if something bothered him, he told me straight up. BUT I also treasure my girl friends, because there is nothing quite as special as a true friendship between girls! It is like a second sister.

Braun #breakfree

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