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CRAVINGS: things that money can’t buy.

TRAVELS: Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa Hotel Review | Bikinis & Passports

My Sunday Cravings are a weekly ritual of clicking my way through various online shops without actually shopping. Kind of like virtual window-shopping. I pick out things I would love to own and instead of spending money, I just tell you guys about them – of course, secretly hoping that you guys will convince my conscious that I “simply have to have it”. Don’t get me wrong, I do plenty of shopping as it is and have developed a serious weakness for expensive shoes (my Paypal account hates me for it), but recently, I’ve found myself craving something else….

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TRAVEL: finca biniforani

Mallorca Travel Diary: Finca Binaforini | Bikinis & Passports

By now, most of you have probably gotten the hint that I am quite the family person. I love my siblings to death, have an amazing relationship with my parents and nothing makes me happier than dinner with the whole gang. For some people, the thought of spending Easter in a house with 16 relatives may not be the most appealing, but in my case it was pure happiness. We cooked together, laughed all night, went hiking, explored tiny costal towns and had sangria by the ocean….

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HEALTHY LIVING: one vegan day.

HEALTHY LIVING: one vegan day | Bikinis & Passports

As you’ve probably guessed right, today’s post is a mini (vegan) food diary. Even though I am far from being vegan, I do think there is a great deal of importance on eating and consuming food consciously and skipping the meat every once in a while (#flexitarian). Last year in August, I had a very interesting conversation with Maddie that has stuck with me since. If you read her blog, you should be well aware of the fact that she tries to lead a sustainable lifestyle and has been vegan for about a year now. …

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#frompariswithlove – 5 things to do in Paris

#frompariswithlove: 5 things to do in paris | Bikinis & Passports

I have to admit, as smitten as I am with Paris, we started out on a bad note about 12 years ago. I still remember the Summer. I think I was 14 or 15 and did a mini-exchange. A neighbor of ours knew someone in the city and I was supposed to brush up my French a bit before going back to school. The problem was: The family only spoke French and my French was terrible – and still is….

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