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TRAVELS: Blue Marlin Ibiza

My favorite part of our vacation in Ibiza were the lazy days spent at beach clubs. The atmosphere is very special. It’s a weird mix between total relaxation and party. The two usually don’t really go together, but at the beach clubs on Ibiza they do. You lounge on huge day beds while sipping on sangria, occasionally dipping into the ocean and napping in between. Everyone is super laidback and you quickly get to know the people around you.
Originally we had reservations for Blue Marlin Ibiza on Sunday, which supposedly is the best day to go there. Unfortunately it rained all day, so we rescheduled for Tuesday – which ended up being perfect! Even though it was already a little less crowded since the season was coming to an end, we had such a fun and relaxing afternoon. The water is crystal clear and perfect for a little swim in the sun, the food was delicious, the music good and the sangria yummy. Can’t wait to go back next year!

Blue Marlin Ibiza

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TRAVELS: Servus, Oktoberfest

As you guys know, this year was a first for me – I attended the Oktoberfest in Munich with a big, fun blogger-gang for the #coverprwiesn! It is such a different world, the second I got of at the train station I knew the so-called “Wiesn” takes over an entire city for 17 days. People in Lederhosen and Dirndl (the traditional clothing) literally everywhere! All of us girls wore dresses by HALLHUBER and I loved mine (see the entire look HERE). An old lady even came up to us and asked to take pictures because she thought our Dirndl were the prettiest around ♥ To make my look a bit more modern, I decided to wear the Dirndl with accessories by Zalando. I know you guys have seen my ASH boots here on the blog quite a bit (major love) and I also got the perfect Love Moschino crossbody bag – which I can definitely recommend for the Oktoberfest, trust me you want to have your hands free for the big beer Maß! On the day of the event, KMS California had 3 stylists for us, which were nice enough to help with our hair. I got a big braided wreath around my head, which I absolutely loved, and some of you already commented so nicely about on Instagram! To give you a better idea of what our day was like, here are some impressions from the Cover PR Wiesn Special 2014 with AnjaAnniDesi & NisiFranziJanaJulianeMashaKiki and Olga

#coverprwiesn Oktoberfest 2014 - Bikinis & Passports

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Birthday Snapshots

Don’t ask me how I managed to celebrate my birthday without a camera on hand, but for some reason I totally forgot to properly capture my 25th. Luckily there is a thing called Instagram, so at least I get to share a few snapshots from the amazing celebration.

25th birthday celebrations

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Our Launch Party

Before Kathi and I launched The Daily Dose, we promised ourselves one thing: No duplicate content! We didn’t want to turn our blogs into a smaller version of TDD, and we wanted to keep things on our blogs more personal than the content we create for TDD. But, today I am breaking that rule!
Last Thursday we hosted our launch party at the Sky Bar (7th floor of Steffl Department Store with a stunning view over the first district) and in all honesty, I am simply too proud of the two of us not to share at least a few impressions. The last weeks have been kind of tough trying to juggle a million things at once and to see it all come together at our very own launch party made me SO happy! We invited friends, family, a few brands and partners, as well as fellow bloggers for a night of cocktails, ice cream and chatter. I had an amazing time and loved every minute of it. We are both convinced that this was definitely not the last TDD event and hopefully next time we can have some of our wonderful readers join us!

The Daily Dose Launch Party

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