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Birthday Snapshots

Don’t ask me how I managed to celebrate my birthday without a camera on hand, but for some reason I totally forgot to properly capture my 25th. Luckily there is a thing called Instagram, so at least I get to share a few snapshots from the amazing celebration.

25th birthday celebrations

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Our Launch Party

Before Kathi and I launched The Daily Dose, we promised ourselves one thing: No duplicate content! We didn’t want to turn our blogs into a smaller version of TDD, and we wanted to keep things on our blogs more personal than the content we create for TDD. But, today I am breaking that rule!
Last Thursday we hosted our launch party at the Sky Bar (7th floor of Steffl Department Store with a stunning view over the first district) and in all honesty, I am simply too proud of the two of us not to share at least a few impressions. The last weeks have been kind of tough trying to juggle a million things at once and to see it all come together at our very own launch party made me SO happy! We invited friends, family, a few brands and partners, as well as fellow bloggers for a night of cocktails, ice cream and chatter. I had an amazing time and loved every minute of it. We are both convinced that this was definitely not the last TDD event and hopefully next time we can have some of our wonderful readers join us!

The Daily Dose Launch Party

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TRAVELS: a weekend in the mountains

When a close friend turns a quarter century, it definitely calls for more than just a birthday dinner or cocktails. This was the case last weekend, when Miss Kathi celebrated her 25th birthday in a picturesque location in the mountains of Carinthia. Twelve of her closest friends packed their bags last Friday for 2 days of outdoor fun, including Mike and I. The weekend was definitely one of the funnest times I’ve spent with friends, and there are plenty of pictures to prove that we may have even had a little too much fun!! (They will forever remain hidden in my dropbox!) But since it was such an amazing time, I couldn’t help but share a few impressions with you guys – so here it is, the censored version of our perfect weekend get-away:


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LOVELY THINGS: striped straws & monograms

Back in December – as I was putting together our bar tray - I was on the lookout for cute bar / kitchen accessories and really wanted striped straws. For some reason those pretty straws were almost impossible to find anywhere in Europe (at an affordable price). But then my search finally led me to Etsy, where I came across the amazing shop “BackToZero” by Lingke. Not only does the shop offer just about any type of straw you could imagine (at only 4$ for a pack of 25!!), but it also sells gorgeous wrapping accessories (which I used for Christmas last year) and cupcake holders, as well as wax seal stamps. I just received my second order from BackToZero last week and wanted to share this Etsy gem with you guys. And since Lingke saw that I blogged about her items before, she was sweet enough to offer my readers a -15% discount code: BIKINISPASSPORT

Happy Shopping :)

striped straws

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