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TRAVELS: Montreux

The past 3 weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye, but at the same time it feels like ages ago that I had my last day at my old job. I’ve been on the go non-stop, got on 6 flights and packed/unpacked my suitcase 4 times. Coming home always feels good, but traveling is my passion and I am so thankful for all the places I got to see and explore these past 3 weeks. Amongst them, the quaint little Montreux in French Switzerland. Last week I spent 2 days at Montreux Jass Festival with Parmigiani Fleurier and it was simply amazing! We had so much fun with the girls (Anna, Sylvia & Julia), lunched by the pool, saw Van Morrison live (!!) and got to explore the history of the brand Parmigiani Fleurier, which was SO impressive.

Montreux Travel Diary

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NEW IN: “mise en dior” tribal earrings

Some of you may have already spotted my new earrings in yesterday’s outfit post. I have been obsessed with the “mise en dior” tribal earrings ever since I saw Anna wear them – she was one of the first to have them and I’ve spotted them a ton since then. The more I saw them, the more I fell in love. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the modern take on such a classic piece. Also, they can be worn as “normal” pearls as well, which I like. The tribal earrings have been sold out non-stop and I had basically given up on owning them any time soon. Then, this past Saturday I walked into Dior and they had one last pair left, because a girl on the waiting list never showed up to get them. Sometimes we have to get lucky, right?

"Mise En Dior" Tribal Earrings

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OUTFIT: patterns & bling

While my style isn’t too wild usually, I still like the idea of mixing unexpected items, like fancy jewelry with super easy sneakers and a patterned top. As you know, I simply adore statement jewelry, whether it is big necklaces, stacked bracelets or sparkly earrings – they always work for me. Even paired with a casual mosaic top and converse. Currently, I am absolutely obsessed with Anton Heunis pieces. You may remember my first pair from my NYE look, but this gold and white version is simply too die for! Not to mention perfect for summer.

Girissima: Anton Heunis Earrings & G Finding Statement Top

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LOVING: new knuckle-bling

Generally speaking, I would consider myself a pretty positive person and usually I can find some good in everything. BUT the sun still hasn’t shown up … you guys, seriously, I could cry! Mexico is so beautiful and there is so much we wanted to explore and see, but it has literally been raining every day except for a sunny afternoon on Thursday, and Sunday when it finally stopped for a bit around noon. Apparently this kind of bad weather hasn’t happened here for the past 20 years … well good thing it decides to drop by right when we’re in town! We’ve tried to stay positive by indulging on room service, working out at the gym, cuddling in our robes and even working through our inboxes but the sun simply won’t come out any more. Yesterday was semi-dry so we decided we needed to do something despite the bad weather (17°C with winds is pretty cold if you only packed for 30°C), grabbed the only sweater we brought on the trip and headed over to Tulum to explore the Mayan ruins. I absolutely loved that, but it also made me a little sad about all the amazing other things we missed out on (swimming in cenotes, seeing Chichan Itza, a snorkeling trip which was cancelled because of too much wind, riding ATVs in the jungle …). But I guess it just goes to show that we definitely need to come back :) Anyways, so much for my little weather rant – now on to much prettier things, such as my GORGEOUS new knuckle ring! My sister surprised me with it for Christmas and it could not be more perfect: rosé gold, tiny crystals and amazingly delicate ♥ Do you guys remember this post about knuckle rings?

Delicate Rosegold Knuckle Ring

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