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CRAVINGS: I wish …

ANNA Inspiring Jewellery Christmas Gift Guide | Bikinis & Passports

Every time I walk into the ANNA Inspiring Jewellery store here in Vienna, I feel like a little girl in a candy shop. Except for the fact that jewellery is so much better than candy and lasts much longer! ANNA is simply one of those brands I love 110% – especially for all the attention they pay to detail. Fresh roses, always. The cutest window displays. Sales girls with matching red lips, outfits and hairstyles….

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JEWELLERY: make it personal.

MY DESIGN - ANNA Inspiring Jewellery | Bikinis & Passports

It is definitely no secret how much I adore ANNA Inspiring Jewellery. It all started with a delicate roségold bracelet with a diamond heart and our initials engraved that Mike got me for my birthday years ago. Over the years, I have added rings, necklaces, more bracelets and even ear cuffs to my collection. All of which I usually wear day & night. You’ll never see me without my beloved Milkyway star ring on the right ring finger or the roségold ear cuff on my left ear….

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Gift Guide: holiday sparkles | #momenteschenken

Christmas Gift Guide: Pandora | Bikinis & Passports

For the next 3 Sundays, I want to exchange my usual cravings (meaning: things I want) for gift guides (meaning: things I want to give). As much as I love receiving presents, I am also a big sucker for giving. It is so much fun trying to find the perfect gift and seeing the other person’s appreciation and smile when you absolutely nailed it. Of course that doesn’t always happen, but to up your chances a bit, I have created 3 different themes for the 3 gift guides with plenty of ideas.

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CRAVINGS: with love from Vienna

ANNA Inspiring Jewellery - made in Vienna | Bikinis & Passports

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore ANNA Inspiring Jewellery, and the girls at the store recently commented on my ever growing ring-party, which definitely made me proud. My wishlist is growing daily, but unfortunately my birthday and Christmas are both still far away… (hopefully Mike is reading this)! For today’s cravings, I wanted to share some of the jewels that I am currently drooling over with you guys….

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