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back to school – desk accessories

Slowly but surely, it feels like Summer is coming to an end. With September just around the corner, our agendas are filling up quickly and judging by my overflowing inbox, people are returning from their vacations. Currently, Kathi and I are also getting our office ready for an exciting last quarter of the year and are doing a bit of re-decorating. While we love our big, dining-style table (which we use as a shared desk), we have decided that it was time for us to each have our own desk. We’ve been working on our Macbooks this entire time, which quite frankly is not only inconvenient, but also not the best situation for the health of our back. Our new computers (28 inch screens – whoop whoop) should arrive any day now, so we went ahead and already got new desks last week – can’t wait to show you a little office tour soon. Obviously, a new desk after Summer also calls for some back to school desk accessories, and these pretty little things just arrived this week:

back to school - desk accessories by Kate Spade | Bikinis & Passports

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FOR THE HOME: souvenirs from the souk

If you ever happen to be in Marrakech, you have to visit the souks. But make sure not to get lost in the endless dark alleyways and learn to bargain. Personally, I am not the best at bargaining, but my aim was to go home with pieces that would remind me of the amazing time in Morocco for a price that felt right. I exchanged 50€, which is about 500 Dirham before heading to the souks. My first stop was for a typical Moroccan tea pot. I prefer coffee to tea, but the mint tea we had at the hotel was delicious and I wanted the souvenir as a vase for our home. Off I went, and proudly returned with a pretty little pot for 170 Dirham (=17€). Then the bargaining-queen aka Özlem came along and scored 2 of the same tea pots for a total of 150 Dirham. That’s how it works in the souks – no price is final and there is always room for a better deal. In the end however, I was happy with all the goodies I scored and felt that I paid a good price – and that’s all that should matter when you visit the souks. My proudest bargain are those six pretty tea glasses for a total of 12€, and how nice is the silver tray?!

Souvenirs from the souk in Marrakech | Bikinis & Passports

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FOR THE HOME: under the sun

Last weekend, when Mike was in Berlin for a boys trip, my mom came to visit in Vienna. We ran the 10km Frauenlauf together on Sunday and drove out to Tulln afterwards. Basically, Tulln is a big fat gardening paradise, with some amazing nurseries for everything your green thumb may desire (we went to Praskac because they are open on Sundays). Due to the fact that my thumb is not so green, I had to replace all of our plants this year as they looked a little worse for wear after the Winter. Luckily, however, my mom is quite the gardening queen and helped my turn our deck into a small oasis just in time for Summer to arrive (see how it looked last year HERE). I also stopped by my new favorite interior store (Lederleitner Home finally opened in the 1st district) for some outdoor accessories and couldn’t be happier with the way our deck has turned out. A new umbrella for some shade and a cute string of lights for above the lounge area are still on my to-do list, but since this is where I plan on spending every free second this weekend, I wanted to go ahead and share some images with you guys anyway.

FOR THE HOME: under the sun - rooftop decor | Bikinis & Passports

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5 tips to keep your cut flowers fresh

One of my favorite guilty pleasures are fresh flowers. Every week! It may be a waste of money to some people (including my boyfriend), but to me, it is pure happiness. Nothing beats waking up to a living room with a touch of color, or the excitement when peony season comes around. Call me stupid, but it is the little things that make me happy. Over the years, I have tried various things to make my favorite blooms stay around longer. Which is why I wanted to share my personal 5 tips to keep your cut flowers fresh longer for today’s post to kick-off a super rainy week here in Vienna.

5 tips to keep your fresh flowers longer | Bikinis & Passports

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